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    Googam is an alien child, the son of Goom from Planet X.

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    Googam was originally an 8 ft (2.4 m) humanoid alien from the Planet X, who was brought to Earth by his father, Goom. When Goom began his invasion of Earth, he hid the still developing Googam in a cave. A week after his father's capture, Googam emerged from the cave where he discovered a young boy named Billy Langley, the son of Mark Langley, the man who had caused his father to travel to Earth. Googam follows the boy home where he takes the Langleys prisoner, waiting for his powers to develop fully. During this time Googam is discovered by both the Langley's neighbors and the mailman, but the authorities do not believe their stories of the giant alien. Googam finally believes that his powers have reached their full potential and prepares to execute the Langley family. Billy claims that he can best Googam in any Earth game, piquing the alien's interest. Billy challenges Googam to a game of tag and leads him into quicksand where Googam seemingly dies.


    Googam was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers and first appeared in Tales of Suspense 17.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Monster Island

    Googam, however, survives the quicksand and goes on to attack a small town. He is defeated and captured by the Fantastic Four who take Googam to Monster Island. Years later Fin Fang Foom successfully lobbies to have some of the Monster Island inhabitants be allowed to reenter human society.

    Due to his young age, it is believed that Googam could easily be rehabilitated and is selected for the program. He is shrunken down to human size and hypnotically stripped of his powers before being given a job as a parking attendant at the Baxter Building.

    Fing Fang Four

    While working at the Baxter Building, Googam is duped by the microscopic alien conqueror, Tim Boo Ba, into using Mr. Fantastic's equipment to enlarge him. Tim Boo Ba uses the equipment to enlarge himself to gigantic proportions, but is defeated by Googam, Fin Fang Foom, Elektro, and Gorgilla, who go on to dub themselves the Fin Fang Four. Googam later resigns from his job at the Baxter Building to try his hand at script-writing. He completes a script that he submits to film director, Dino Domani.

    Civil War

    Following the events of Civil War, Googam was considered a potential recruit for The Initiative by Iron Man.

    Powers and Abilities

    Googam has increased strength, telekinesis, the ability to generate force fields around himself or others, and the ability to affect the size of others.


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