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    The clumsy, dimwitted Goofy is one of the most well known and beloved Disney characters. Despite his intelligence, or lack thereof, Goofy is brave, sweet, and caring and has a surprisingly accurate intuition. Goofy can usually be found adventuring with his best friends Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

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    • First cartoon appearance: Mickey's Revue - May 25, 1932
    • First comic strip appearance: Enter... Dippy Dog! , Newspapers - Jan 8, 1933
    • First comic book appearance: Possibly Mickey Mouse Magazine #1 (1935)
    • First appearance as Super-Goof: The Phantom Blot #2 - Feb. 1965

    Super Goof

    Goofy's first appearance as Super-Goof was in The Phantom Blot #2 (Feb 1965), but in that history he was under the false impression of having gained superpowers. In a second appearance in Donald Duck #102 he actually had powers, given by a special cape created by Gyro Gearloose. All later appearances of Super-Goof (starting with Super-Goof #1) involve Super Goobers that give him temporary powers when eaten.

    Kingdom Hearts

    Goofy and Donald go off on an adventure to find the one who holds the key. In Traverse Town they meet Sora and they find out he holds the key but before introductions they had to fight a giant heartless called the guard armor. After that they head off to different worlds in search of King Mickey and Sora's friends. After they travel to different worlds and find practically nothing they head to neverland where they find a Riku who turned to the darkness and a heartless Kairi. Goofy and the gang then meet Peter Pan. After that they manage to get to Hollow Bastion. When they get there though Goofy and Donald are forced to leave Sora when Riku takes the keyblade since they are suppose to be with the one with the key.

    At Hollow Bastion when Sora takes back the keyblade they beat Riku and venture further in the tower. When they get to the top they see Riku but its only Ansem who took control of Riku's body. After Sora defeats him they go into the keyhole of that world. When they defeat the Behemoth Heartless in there and find out there not done with there adventure they go to a world called the End of the World, and there they beat Ansem and close the door to the darkness sealing Riku and Mickey inside.

    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

    Goofy and the gang find a castle. When they go inside a mysterious figure in a black cloak tells them the castle is called Castle Oblivion. He gives them a card and they go. As they venture further into the castle they find that they are starting to lose there memories as they go farther into the castle. As they keep going up strange people in black cloaks start to appear. Sora, Donald, and Goofy fight them all and win but when they reach the top of Castle Oblivion they find out that a girl named Namine has been writing false memories into Sora's. When they find all this out they fight the head of Castle Oblivion Marluxia. After they win Namine offers them a chance to restore there memories. They all take the offer, go to sleep in these pods and unfortunately forget their times in the castle.

    Kingdom Hearts 2

    Goofy and the gang wake up in this strange mansion. As they go off into Twilight Town this boy named Pence tells them someone was looking for them at the station. There they meet Mickey again there he tells them to get on the train it knows the way. They go to a tower and see Yen Sid. There they find the evil Pete who was locked up in another dimension and is freed by Maleficent. They fight him and defeat him but he is persistent and is fought and seen in many other worlds. They then go up the tower to see Yen Sid. He explains to them that a nobody is the leftovers after a heartless is created. The leftovers being body and soul. He also informs them about Organization XIII. These are stronger nobodies who retain the memory of there former selves and have the same feelings they did. Sora then gets new clothes and they are given the Gummi Ship Then their adventure begins.

    In Hollow Bastion during the heartless invasion Goofy and the gang meet an Organization member. After they win the fight and venture to a few more worlds they end up at the last part of the journey. The World the Never was. Here they team up with Riku and fight off heartless until they meet the leader of Organization 13 Xemnas. When they beat Xemnas he absorbs the power of the hearts of heartless and Sora, Riku, and Mickey open the door and the fight begins. After Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Riku destroy the ship they think there finished but when everyone leaves Sora and Riku get dragged back into the fight. When they beat Xemnas for the last time they appear at an ocean on the dark side of the World That Never Was. When a letter appears in the water a portal back to Riku's and Sora's own world appears and he and Donald happily greet him. That ends there adventure for now.

    Powers And Abilities

    • In Kingdom Hearts Goofy has the ability of the guardian.
    • As Super-Goof he has super-strength, invulnerability, flight, x-ray vision and various other powers

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