Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway

    Team » Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway appears in 42 issues.

    A New York law firm specializing in superhuman law. Their most well-known lawyer was formerly Jennifer Walters AKA the She-Hulk.

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    A prestigious and esteemed New York law firm, Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway offers legal aid and services to super powered individuals. They have often hired many super powered lawyers as well, including most notably She Hulk, Momenta, Two-Gun Kid, Southpaw and Awesome Andy. They have represented the likes of Starfox, Hercules, Grey Gargoyle, Spider-Man, Beast, Rage, and White Rabbit. Initially they were only open to representing superhero clients, but eventually opened their services to represent super villains as well.

    Holden Holliway hired lawyer Jennifer Walters initially for her lawyer skills, and her ties to the superhero community as She Hulk, but also because he thought she could provide a positive influence on Southpaw. She-Hulk, however, is currently not involved with the law firm, focusing more on her superhero endeavors and her involvement with the Lady Liberators and the Fantastic Four.


    The GLKH law firm was first created by Dan Slott and Adi Granov. The first three partners, Martin Goodman, Stanley Lieber and Jacob Kurtzberg are never seen. Each is named for one of the founders of Marvel: Martin Goodman was the first publisher of Marvel, and Lieber and Kurtzberg are the birth names of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.


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