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Good Silva lived in Detroit, Michigan with her brother, Lucky Silva, and their parents until supervillains attacked their neighborhood destroying their house. Lucky was injured in the blast caused by Firebrand. Seeing their neighbors across the street being harassed by Pitchfork, Good confronted the villain by changing into her wolf form.


Good Boy was created by writer, Zac Gorman, and artist, Will Robson, and made her first appeance in Great Lakes Avengers #1.

Major Story Arcs

After the neighborhood incident, Good Boy was given temporary membership into the Great Lakes Avengers. Good's first 'assignment' didn't go so well as she and Big Bertha abduct Dick Snerd and take him to GLA HQ, tying him up in the store room. Good allows Snerd to goad her into attacking him and the team, thinking quickly, rolls Snerd in a rug, ties it with rope, and leaves him outside the hospital.

That same night, Lucky left the hospital on his own and tracked Good to GLA HQ. In an effort to protect Good, Lucky left Detroit with her. However, when Good received word that Bertha needed help with Dr. Nod, Good left Lucky at a gas station, having snuck out a bathroom window and headed back to Detroit.

Powers and Abilities

Good Boy has the ability to transform into a blue-furred wolfman, a form she refers to as her 'fursona'. In this form, she possesses heightened senses, enhanced tracking abilities, possesses super-strength, and, of course, claws and fangs.


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