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    Proper Japanese Title: good!アフタヌーン

    good! Afternoon was launched in late 2008 as a special issue of Afternoon and the first regular one since Afternoon: Seasons Zōkan ended six years earlier. As a special issue of Afternoon, all issues are officially numbered as part of that magazine's numbering though it became less prominently displayed on the covers as good! Afternoon established itself. Early issues of good! Afternoon also displayed a cover number counting how many issues of good! Afternoon had been released but this was abandoned after 48 issues (a similar style was used and dropped by Morning two around this time).

    At first the magazine was bimonthly and featured many creators who were still active in Afternoon proper like Tsutomu Takahashi, Hiroaki Samura and Kosuke Fujishima but other early creators included Masayuki Ishikawa, Mohiro Kitoh, Oota Moare, Ryu Mizunagi (some had history in Afternoon before this, others did not). After 24 issues, the magazine officially increased to a monthly publishing rate which it has kept ever since. This makes it a rare example of a major zokan magazine (having continued for more than a decade) to have the same publishing rate as its parent magazine.

    Notable series to have run in the magazine include Ajin, Hanebado!, Gran Blue, Witchcraft Works, Kūtei Dragons, Teppu and Junketsu no Maria.


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