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    A clever but quiet young man, Gomi received cybernetic implants which can create a devasting telekinetic force. With his two cyborg lobsters, he became a member of a group of young misfits, mutants, and runaways known as the Fallen Angels.

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    Ramon Lipshitz and his lab-partner Tadishi Fujita were both lazy scientific geniuses. They would dream of super heroes and idolised the female X-Man, Marvel Girl. Although connected to the university, they found themselves a lab in an abandoned hut underneath a lighthouse. As the two of them were extremely messy and lazy, they 'hired' Ramon's cousin to do all the hard work around their lab. They teased him and made him work for hours without any pay, and Tadishi gave him the nickname 'Gomi' (meaning garbage).

    Bill & Don
    Bill & Don

    However, Gomi worked hard, enjoyed the scientific surroundings, and cared for the two lobsters; the 'normal' green lobster became Bill, while the 'mutant' blue lobster was named Don. He saw the world through rose tinted glasses; to him the nickname Gomi was better than his real name and he idolised Ramon & Tadishi as scientific genuises on a par with Reed Richards or Doctor Doom. However, Ramon & Tadishi's ethics were extremely questionable. When they saw footage of a new superhero called Phoenix, they realised that their beloved Marvel Girl had changed her look & identity. This spurred them to use their research to create cybernetically enhanced super-beings. They began their experimentation of cybernetic organisms by surgically embedding two lobsters with strength enhancing implants. The next step was to see if the process worked on a human being, and therefore Gomi became their guinea pig. Instead of super-strength, they implanted his cyborg implants in his head, thus giving him a powerful telekinetic force pillar.

    Soon after they completed the surgical process on Gomi, the university withdrew their financial backing and threatened to audit Ramon & Tadishi's experiments, the two of them fled. Gomi was left to take care of himself with Don & Bill in the little abandoned shack until the Fallen Angels discovered them.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fallen Angels

    Gomi, Bill & Don were inducted into the Fallen Angels and relocated to New York City. The three of them were rarely separated, and slowly they made friends with their new team-mates; Ariel, Chance & the Vanisher. Once again, Gomi was treated as the slave-labourer of the group, but this time if anyone verbally or physically mistreated him, he had Bill & Don to violently defend his honour.

    Bill Defends Gomi's Honour
    Bill Defends Gomi's Honour

    Likewise, Gomi would give extra care for his lobster friends, and on many occasions Gomi had to remind Don to be careful where he would walk. Gomi worried that Don would be hurt despite his cybernetic implants, since he was still a little lobster and people would not see him underfoot.

    As part of the Fallen Angels, Gomi helped to search for young runaway mutants to join the team. When Chance & Ariel discovered that Sunspot & Warlock had runaway from Xavier's School for the Gifted, they sent the whole team out to search for them. Gomi slowly followed Sunspot's trail, and with Bill & Don's help he stopped a group of thugs from looting a local church. The next morning, Gomi found Sunspot & Warlock and took them back to the Beat Street Club, base of the Fallen Angels, where he regaled his new friends with the story of how he & the two lobsters came to have miraculous powers.

    The team soon expanded. Ariel snatched Boom-Boom away from X-Factor's headquarters as she was being chased by Beast & Iceman, while Multiple Man & Siryn appeared searching for the runaway New Mutants with a portable Cerebro unit. The team was finally complete when Ariel teleported them all to an alien jungle planet where they found Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy. However, the relaxation was short lived, and once again the team split up to search for food.


    Gomi had been paired off with Boom-Boom (as well as Bill & Don), but was soon dragged along by her crush for Multiple Man. When one of his duplicates passed them on the street and claimed not to know them, she chased after him. As the duplicate blindly ran into the street he was hit by a cyclist who then tried to blame the collision on Madrox. However, Gomi defended Multiple Man's actions by quoting laws & regulations that intimidated the cyclist into running away.

    Unbeknown to anyone, Moon Boy & Devil Dinosaur had snook out of the Beat Street Club and were wandering around the streets of New York. Sadly, Gomi had lost sight of Don in the confusion surrounding Boom-Boom & the Multiple Man duplicate. No-one knew that Don was in danger until an almighty crunch was heard as Devil Dinosaur accidentally squashed Don under his gigantic foot.

    After the chaos died down, the Fallen Angels returned to the Beat Street Club. There, the majority of the team feasted on junk food while Sunspot & Siryn comforted Gomi in his grief. Siryn had not heard the story of how Gomi's cousin had experimented on him because of his infatuation for a mutant red-head, and therefore she didn't know that a passion for red-heads ran in the family. Gomi developed a crush for Siryn as she showered him with affection.

    Gomi was busy lapping up the gentle attention from the pretty Irish red-head that he hadn't noticed Bill had gone seeking revenge. In the next room screams were heard as Moon Boy jumped around in pain. Bill had attacked Moon Boy as he attempted to punish Devil Dinosaur for killing Don. Although it had been an accident, the aliens were unable to apologise to the little green lobster. Gomi and Sunspot separated Bill from Moon Boy's foot.


    Ariel had an ulterior motive for collecting the mutants together. After losing one member of the team, she decided it was time to relate the whole group. She took them across the galaxy to her home planet. At first the Fallen Angels were greeted with a flashy make-over and treated as VIPs. Gomi seemed to enjoy the high-spirits of the occasion and allowed the locals to pamper him. Bill, however, was not so keen on being seen in his new over-sized glam rock shades, and would hide in the shadows.

    Fallen Angels
    Fallen Angels

    They attended a Fallen Angels meeting across town where Multiple Man addressed his concerns that the two new mutant signatures that the portable Cerebro had detected were Ariel & Chance. All of a sudden the team were attacked by Coconut Grove guards, but the young mutants were unable to defend themselves as their mutant powers mysteriously disappeared. Gomi, being the only humanoid member of the team who's powers weren't due to mutant genetics, made a brief attempt to save the team. However, he was soon blinded by the Coconut Grove guards. He didn't dare to use his powers without knowing which way he was directing his telekinetic force beam, for fear of hitting his friends by accident.

    Ariel attempted to leave the team behind, selling them out so her people could experiment on them & learn the secret of mutation. However, she too was taken prisoner. The team were held prisoner in a cell which dampened their mutant abilities. Ariel was trapped inside a pillar of pure energy to stop her teleporting powers. Gomi was blindfolded and placed inside a rotating cage to prevent him from using his telekinetic implants. Only Bill had gone undetected and remained free.

    Soon the little green lobster had charged his way across town and fought off all the guards in his way. He was able to violently defeat the last guard and get the keys to open the cell. After that the team broke free and began to wreak havoc in the Coconut Grove. They threatened to destroy the place until they were guaranteed never to be bothered again, and soon Ariel took them all home again. Gomi remained at the Beat Street Club when the team finally split up. Devil Dinosaur & Moon Boy were returned to their jungle planet, Boom-Boom returned to X-Factor's headquarters, and Sunspot & Warlock went home to Westchester. Siryn and Multiple Man stayed with the remaining Fallen Angels to help keep them on the straight & narrow.

    Gomi and Bill have not been seen since the Fallen Angels disbanded. Presumably, if they had not come to harm, they would still be living in North America. As neither of them had any form of mutant powers, they would retain the powers from their cybernetic implants after the events of M-Day.


    Gomi, like Bill & Don, was a cyborg. His super-human powers were not derived from a radiated accident or genetic quirk. Instead, he had telekinetic abilities thanks to the cybernetic implants in his head.


    Gomi's Telekinesis
    Gomi's Telekinesis

    Usually the term 'telekinesis' conjures up images of items that seemingly move of their own accord, made to move with the power of the mind. However, Gomi's telekinetics were unrefined, and therefore produced a blunt invisible blast. It radiates from his forehead and pushes anything in front of him away. There is no control over the amount of force used. It is simply on or off. Like all other forms of telekinesis, it is controlled mentally. Gomi just has to think to create the pillar of concussive force.

    However, as it is a crude form of telekinesis, Gomi can easily be defeated in battle. He can not redirect the force without turning his head to face his opponent. Therefore he can be attacked from behind. As seen in the Coconut Grove, he was easily disabled with the simple use of a blind fold and a rotating cage to disorientate him. Gomi's nature meant that he would not randomly use his power without knowing where he was using it, to avoid hurting (or possibly killing) his friends.


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