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Goliath hatched in 938.

In 984, the clan leader (who would later be known as Hudson.) was blinded in one eye by the Archmage, and abdicated from his position of leadership, appointing Goliath (who was already his second-in-command by then) to take his place. Goliath led the gargoyles faithfully for the next ten years, defending the castle from its enemies.

10th Century

In 994 he was the leader his clan of Gargoyles at Castle Wyvern. Like all of his species he was looked at with hate. Such hate elevated to the point that when he and his clans man were somewhere else, his entire clan at Wyvern were slaughtered during their slumber.

Before the tragic demise of his clan he had a love. Her name was Demona-meaning Angel of the Night. They mated and had offspring many in fact. But after the slaughter their only offspring to survive was Angela. They wouldn't find out about her survival until much later. His outlook on the people who hated him and despised his remaining clan was more of sympathy. He felt sorry that these people who once saw them as friends would betray them. The men who organized the attack on the sleeping gargoyles were none other than men Goliath himself fought next to. One of these men who organized the attack realized his mistake but was too late to stop their slaughter.

After the attack the humans had Goliath and his surviving clan made to sleep for the killing of the princess (Although the gargoyles were not at fault for this death.) The curse made them sleep for a thousand years, an they were only able to awaken if the castle rose above the clouds.

20th Century

In the year 1994 billionaire David Xanatos bought the Castle and with it came the Gargoyles. He had the Castle moved to the top of his skyscraper above the "clouds".

That night when the sun set the Gargoyles came to life. After being asleep for thousand years, they had no idea where or when they were. Goliath was the only gargoyle to have a name before their curse, who was ironically given by the same man who betrayed him. So he had the remaining clansmen give themselves names. The clan came up with names from New York they were Hudson, Bronx, Lexington, Broadway, and Brooklyn. The only other clans men that wasn't their to celebrate their coming to life was Demona who they had thought died during the assault but would later resurface.

After their awakening they were surprised to see that a human had their house. At first Xanatos would become their friend but only for his gains. But the gargoyles soon found out what Xanatos's true ways were and decided to make their home in a old abandoned clock tower.

Upon their first lay of their new world Goliath met and became friends with a cop my the name of Elisa Maza, who would later become Goliaths love. They had many problems with the humans in this time also. Some would try to destroy them like the Judges and some tried to manipulate them like Xanatos. Even some tried using their Dna to make more evil gargoyles such as Coldstone and Goliath's evil clone Thailog. But some of the created gargoyles were not of their DNA. Some were spliced with animal DNA to become New Yorks second group of Gargoyle protectors. The leader of this second clan of Gargoyles is Talon, Elisa's brother who was genetically altered by Xanatos.

Other humans like the Pack would be paid money to eliminate the gargoyles. They would later modify themselves to become more of a challenge for the group, but sadly never destroyed any of their enemies. Some even perished in the battles to come.

Even though they never intentionally hurt humans they would never be looked at as hero's, only vigilatees.


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