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Golgotha was created by Green Arrow writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino.


Golgotha is the leader of the Spear clan when he is first introduced. He appears to be the ultimate leader of the Outsiders. Not much is known about him.

Major Story Arcs

The Kill Machine

Golgotha sporadically seen directing the actions of Komodo. He appears via a hologram while based in Prague.

The Outsiders War

Golgotha sends Kodiak, leader of the Shield clan, to go after Oliver and Shado in their quest for the Green Arrow. He is later betrayed and killed by Onxy and Komodo.

Powers and Abilities

Golgotha is a normal human but with peek abilities and proficiency with spear based weapons.

Agility - Seen in his split second reaction to Onyx's attack.

Leadership - He was introduced as the leader of the Outsiders until his death.

Stamina - As an armed combatant he requires unimaginable stamina to sustain a melee.

Weapons master - Proficient with spear based weapons.

Equipment and Weapons

The Spear

The sacred weapon totem of the Spear clan. It confers immortality and enlightenment to its user. It is also signifies the possessor as the leader of the clan.


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