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In 1923 the Covenant, an organization of influential men who furthered their power through study of the dark arts, inadvertently opened a doorway to the Ashen Realms, releasing one of the Warlocks. The doorway was closed, and the Warlock once more exiled, but not before it destroyed the Covenant and the town of Halfmoon. Only Barnabas Sinclair survived, though he was permanently crippled.
By 1928, Matthew Baron had joined the Covenant, which had been reformed. This time, the Covenant sought to create a soldier- a golem- with which they would be able to fight the Warlocks, should they once again escape the Ashen Realms and invade the Earth. Sinclair's apprentice, Simon Lashe, was the chosen savior and underwent  a long process to prepare himself for the task.
Three years later, on the eve of the creation ceremony, the Warlocks unleashed hundreds of their were servants to disrupt the event. Sinclair and Baron escaped into the catacombs as the rest of the Covenant was eliminated. Knowing it was only a matter of time until they, too, were found and killed, Sinclair did the only thing he could do- he performed the rituals on Baron, and turned him into the creature known as Golem. 
Though Golem destroyed all the weres, he was an imperfect creation, and so Sinclair locked him away to study, until he could perfect the ceremony and create a new golem. Eventually, Golem was stolen by Helen Nightshade and Exile, to use as a weapon in their own crusade against the Warlocks.


Through the ingestion of magical draughts, performance of mystical rituals, and engraving of arcane sigils in his flesh, Golem was imbued with superhuman abilities of strength and invulnerability. He has been observed to punch through flesh and bone as if it were paper, and has survived having a three-story building collapse on him without a scratch. Golem can also detect the presence of other supernatural creatures and can physically interact with even intangible beings, such as ghosts.
Because he did not undergo the necessary training and preparation to become the Golem, he came out flawed. His emotions have been completely shut off, leaving him forever divorced of those very same human qualities he was created to defend.

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