Character » Golem appears in 48 issues.

    Creature who is a member of the short lived Leyman who wants nothing more than to become human.

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    There have been at least two others claiming the name Golem. A member of the Hayoth has a member calling himself Golem. His name is Moyshe Nakhman. The other teamed with Stalker and battled Hawkman and Wildcat.

    Golem is a creature that was created in the 16th century by Judah Loew Ben Bezalel. He was made of purple clay and protected by the Jewish people from persecutors in Prague. Years later, he was recreated from the swamplands of Louisianian. He found the Jewish hero Ragman, and assisted him in fighting crime for a while. He left Ragman after a time, and he was found by a kind, sweet woman named Jean. However, Jean was brutally murdered by a masked assilant and the police mistook Golem for the killer. He an away to a lake where the police shot him multiple times, and he fell into the water and dissolved.

    He reformed inside of the Leyman's base, and was offered membership to the team. He expresses his desire to become a human man to his friend Claw, and tries to pass for a normal person, adopting the name "Paul" and painting his body with a skin-like tone. After a few missions with the team, Golem is dunked into water and seemingly disolved again. But, he demonstrates the ability to reform himself from the mud and dirt surrounding the Leyman's headquarters.


    He is 8 feet tall and draws his strength from the land. He is superhumanly strong and can reform his body out of earth if he is hurt.


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