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    Inhabitant from a parallel universe, the elemental powered Golem is the DC homage to Marvel's Thing.

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    Golem is the name of two DC characters than homage the Fantastic Four's Thing, from Marvel comics in a similar fashion as the Squadron Supreme homages the Justice League.

    Both character debuted in the Multiversity limited series and it was created by Grant Morrison, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. Both two Golems are also analogs between themselves because they live in parallel earths than resembled each other: earth-7 and earth-8. Must be noted than earth-7 is a "essential" version of earth-8 so is most possible than the earth-7 Golem it was younger.

    The Golem of earth-7 died along with the rest of his universe after the attack of the Gentry, who deformed and twisted him beyond recognizion. His remains were explored by Nix Uotan. The Golem of earth-8 is member of the Future Family, a team of elemental powered explorers and was fighting against Lord Havok when the team than would be Justice Incarnate arrived to earth-8. Surprised by the attack of the Gentry, the Golem recovered from his wounds and joined the other heroes from earth-8, from the Retaliators to the G-Men and helped to defeat the extradimensional invasion.

    Must be noted than the Golem of earth-7 had a more agressive appearance than the Golem of earth-8.


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