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    Michelle Carter is the younger twin sister of Booster Gold and traveled into the past to be a superhero like her brother.

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    Michelle is the sister of Booster Gold and thus also originates from the 25th century. At one point Booster needed to return to his original era to be cured of a disease and he reconnected with Michelle during this time. Unexpectedly though she decided to travel with him to the past. With more resources in the present day than in the future she decided to travel the world, in part helped by Booster’s money. Unknown to her brother though she took the Goldstar uniform along with her so that she could get a better impression of what Booster does in his superhero career.


    Goldstar was created by Dan Jurgens and she appeared first in Booster Gold #1 (1986). She would only appear as her superheroine identity some time later.

    Character Evolution

    Michelle was initially portrayed as a character not as interested in superheroics for the same reasons as most other heroes, but as she has characteristics more in line with those of brother. Despite this she has made herself relatively well known as a competent heroine in her career.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Goldstar uniform was not first used by Michelle but rather by Trixie Collins, Booster’s secretary. She uses the suit to save Booster from being killed by a mob of anti-superhero activists when he is in the hospital. She later travels to the 25th century with him and the suit but by this point she has already decided she has no interest in a superhero career. Instead when Michelle returns to the past she decides to take the suit for herself. She is eventually killed by a group of aliens that were planning on invading Earth. Years later though it is revealed that did in fact not die and that Rip Hunter, the famous time traveler had saved her moments before her death (unknown to her or Booster he is also her nephew.) Because she was in the past already out of the timeline saving her from death was determined to not having overall effect of the time stream.

    After returning to life she became a partner of her brother’s in his time traveling adventures. She eventually discovers that she died in the past. She initially has a hard time dealing with the fact that she had returned from the dead, and despite Skeets’ attempt to make her feel better it exacerbated the problem by making her feel overly protected. She departs through a time portal before Booster can get back to find her.

    The Tomorrow Memory

    Goldstar finds herself in the past and for some unknown reason finds herself in Coast City, with her boyfriend Drew, on the day that Cyborg Superman and Mongul destroy it. Lucky for her Booster finds her in time to take her back to the present, but unluckily Drew is forced to be left behind because he was destined to die in Coast City. Goldstar takes some time to forgive Booster but she does and joins Rip and Booster in protecting the time stream.

    Powers and Abilities

    Michelle is otherwise a normal human. She comes from the 25th century but other than generic knowledge from the time frame, she is not considered particularly technologically adept. Her most important piece of equipment is the Goldstar costume. The costume gives her the ability to influence magnetism. This allows her to fly, move metallic objects, create force field, and fire beams of magnetism. The suit has also been modified by Rip to offer protection from the time stream.


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