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    Goldstar/ Ernest Widdle. A pesky super-hero & annoyance to Lobo.

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    Goldstar is a super-hero to Planet Harmony who had become that world's hero for an undetermined and very long time as its prude and overtly rule-oriented protector. The polar opposite of Lobo in morality and behavior, Goldstar was the product of experiments in virtues done to him and his unknown twin brother, Bludhound, in experimenting with good vs. evil by their father. Bludhound became an angry, depraved mass murderer in space while Goldstar was the solitary, scrupled though unrealistic emblem of virtue.

    Lobo would be Goldstar's prime antagonist in Lobo's efforts to capture Bludhound wanted on multiple warrants in space with a large bounty, but Bludhound was also diagnosed with a fatal disease that was incurable and unless captured would be worthless to Lobo. Bludhound settled to reconcile with his long lost twin by jealously killing him on Planet Harmony where the two criminals crash landed and had Goldstar intervene to be knocked out by both. Bludhound would die of his disease but not before Goldstar learned he was his brother and suspected Lobo his murderer despite the fact his own brother set to kill him. Once Lobo departed Planet Harmony, disgusted on Goldstars' sappy virtues.

    Latter interventions would have Goldstar intervene against Lobo and Jonas Glim in their efforts to create a church to instill false religion in an effort to cash in on gullible, faith-based alien patrons of money. Goldstar decried the Church of Frag and Lobo as false prophets in secret only to be removed by the assembly of the congregation. Goldstar would then fail at preventing a fake apocalypse Lobo would stage onto a gullible and desolate planet to gaining a larger cash reward by blowing up a combustible mountain for a fake earthquake. While Goldstar ended up removing one detonator from the mountain while Lobo's congregation was in session, a second detonator blown up the mountain leading to a chain reaction that destroyed the planet- but not before Lobo and Jonas Glim escaped without reward- and left Goldstar unconscious in empty space.

    Lobo and Jonas Glim would intervene with an attempt to assassinate multiple gangsters in a night club where the men's room was being stationed by Goldstar again with spotless results. Goldstar had acquired amnesia since the last battle and became both a punching bag and human shield against the violent gangsters suspect in learning Lobo's efforts of killing them.

    In the Pre-Crisis saga, Goldstar would come to efforts of aiding or rescuing Lobo from near-death despite everything Lobo had done to him in the past backfiring Goldstar to not only become dead but also a zombie at one point. But as his last issue asserted, " You can't keep a Good Guy down."

    Goldstar has not since been seen nor reprised since his latter appearances in the 1990's.


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