Character » Goldrush appears in 7 issues.

    One of the many heroes who Cyborg of the Justice League contacts for reinforcements during Throne of Atlantis.

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    New 52

    Goldrush was first recruited by Cyborg into the Justice League to aid in the battle against Ocean Master and the Atlanteans. She had first proven herself as a hero in Dallas, Texas, where she defeated Brimstone and stopped him from incinerating the city. Later, she appeared with the rest of the new recruits as they were invited to the Justice League headquarters. Goldrush focused her conversation on the Flash, and revealed that she "won" her powers in her "second divorce." She clarified that she is not a robot to the others, and exhibited her strength by lifting the Flash up in his chair. Her blatant flirtation drove the Flash off, commenting that he didn't want her on the team. Minutes later, another new recruit called Platinum, in a berserk rage, knocked Goldrush and several others unconscious. Goldrush's golden armor vanished, and she was caught by the Flash before she hit the ground.


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