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    Origin and Creation

    The fairy tale "The Story of the Three Bears" is an English Fairy Tale first published in 1837. Though the character of Goldilocks is associated closely with this story she was only introduced in 1849 (previously the character was an old woman.) The story has many different versions, but generally Goldilocks comes across a house in a forest inhabited by three bears (a small, medium and large sized). She first eats their porridge then falls asleep in one of their beds. They discover her sleeping their on their return

    Grimm Fairy Tales

    A somewhat different version of the story is told in Grimm Fairy Tales. The modern setting is established with a young woman who is married to a man only so that she can get his money. In the meanwhile she is having an affair with a man her own age and they plot to kill the old man later that night. Sela enters and the young woman reads the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This story more closely resembles the modern setting which was introduced and not the classic fairy tale as the character is being wooed by an old man (said to be a wizard) while being in love with a man her own age. The two decide on a plot to infiltrate his home and kill him. The bears are included in this story, except they are they are shown as statues which defend the house. She enters by finally accepting his offer and when he goes to sleep she lets the young man in who goes to the room and kills the old man. AS they try to escape they are attacked by the bear statues which have come to life. The action switches back to the modern setting where the young woman races off to stop her boyfriend from killing the old man, but finds both of them dead, her young lover with what appears to be claw marks on his back.


    When the Three Little Pigs began their revolutionary movement to free the non-human Fables from the Farm and march to retake the Homelands, Goldilocks became military “muscle” of their movement as she was sleeping with Boo Bear of the Three Bears and had control over the predators on the Farm. She did not care about retaking the Homelands, but hope to use the revolution to springboard herself into control of both Fable Town and the Farm. When the revolution was defeated by Snow White with a group of loyal non-human Fables, Goldilocks attempted to kill Snow White with a sniper shot to the head. She then escaped.

    The Mouse Police, spying for Prince Charming, discovered her hiding at Bluebeard’s. Bluebeard used a magic potion to brainwash Snow White and Bigby Wolf into disappearing into the Cascade Mountains where Goldilocks could kill them quietly. She couldn’t reach them before the potion wore off and they were able to escape. With Bigby setting her up, Snow was able to put an axe in her head and throw her down a cliff to the highway below. Goldilocks got up. She was then hit by a logging truck and fell into a river. It has been recently revealed that she is still alive in Jack of Fables, working as a spy for Mr. Revise.

    She is quite adept at tracking enemies in the wilderness, and is extremely skilled with a rifle, easily incapacitating Bigby in his giant wolf form when ambushed from behind. Contrary to her innocent-looking appearance, she has very keen senses, and is shown to be quite reckless and determined when she intends to kill someone. During the Jack of Fables spin-off series, Goldilocks once again leads a revolution; this time, she leads her revolutionaries to believe Bookburner and his army is coming to save them from their captivity at Golden Boughs. Ironically, it was Bookburner's army that shot the revolutionaries down when they finally did arrive. Because Goldilocks had once survived the encounter with Bigby and Snow, it is most likely she survived Bookburner's attack, but that is yet to be determined.


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