Golden Woman

    Character » Golden Woman appears in 15 issues.

    A Japanese-American super-heroine from WWII, founder of The Kid Commandos.

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    During World War II, Gwenny Lou Sabuki, the teenage daughter of Japanese-American scientist Dr. Sam Sabuki, was preset at a stateside battle in which sidekicks Bucky and Toro of the superhero steam The Invaders, fought the supervillain Agent Axis. There one of Dr. Sabuki's experiments accidently gave Gwen and her friend, David 'Davey' Mitchell, superhuman powers. Gwen gained the power to generate light and energy, and project golden force beams from her hands, while Mitchell gained the ability to spin at superhuman speeds. She became Golden Girl, and Mitchell became The Human Top as they and Bucky and Toro defeated Agent Axis and formed Kid Commandos, who were allied with the adult Invaders.


    Gwen later helped found the post-war organization V-Battalion. She eventually changed her superhero name to Golden Woman, before she died in 1961. Her child would eventually grow up to become the hero Golden Sun, while her granddaughters, Ameiko and Ryoko, would later grow up to become the heroines Goldfire and Radiance.


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