Golden Boy

    Character » Golden Boy appears in 13 issues.

    Klint Stewirt has the Midas Touch. His body consists of pure gold.

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    Klint Stewirt originally had the ability to turn whatever he touched into solid gold. Deciding to use this as a superpower, Klint became Golden Boy and tried out for the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion rejected him on the grounds that his power would bring down the value of gold. In reality, he was rejected due to the Legion discovering his psychotic nature.

    Years later, Klint's abilities evolved, and his entire body became solid gold. Angry about his rejection, Klint joined a team of fellow Earth-born Legion rejects, the Justice League of Earth. The League spread a hate campaign against all aliens, using falsified claims that Superman was born on planet Earth. Klint used his powers to help finance the team, while putting up with annoying visitations from lawyers and creditors, sent there on behalf of his greedy mother.

    During a confrontation against the Legion of Substitute-Heroes on the League's satellite headquarters, Klint's gold body was melted and misshapen by Fire Lad. When the League was finally defeated, Klint and the others were sent to the prison planet Takron-Galtos, until they were freed by Superboy-Prime during Legion of 3 Worlds. Klint's body was still partially deformed from his fight with Fire Lad, and he was later brought down by Ferro of Earth-247 during the battle in Metropolis.


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