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The first batch of the Sandman's adventures are chronicled in this volume reprinting stories from ADVENTURE COMICS #40-57, NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR 1939, and NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR 1940 (circa 1940-41). Plus, an intro by Jim Amash, co-editor of Alter Ego.

New York World's Fair Comics #1, January 1939

Sandman at the World's Fair

Adventure Comics #40, July 1939

The Tarantula Strikes

Adventure Comics #41, August 1939

On the Waterfront

Adventure Comics #42, September 1939

The Three Sandmen

Adventure Comics #43, October 1939

Island Uprising

Adventure Comics #44, November 1939

The Sandman Meets the Face

Adventure Comics #45, December 1939

The Golden Gusher

Adventure Comics #46, January 1940

The Sandman Meets with Murder

Adventure Comics #47, February 1940

Lady in Evening Clothes

Adventure Comics #48, March 1940

Death to the D.A.

Adventure Comics #49, April 1940

Common Cold - Uncommon Crime

New York World's Fair Comics #2, July 1940

Sandman Goes to the World's Fair

Adventure Comics #50, May 1940

Tuffy and Limpy's Revenge Plot

Adventure Comics #51, June 1940

The Van Leew Emeralds

Adventure Comics #52, July 1940

Wanted! Dead or Alive

Adventure Comics #53, August 1940

The Load Sharks

Adventure Comics #54, September 1940

the Case of the Kidnapped Heiress

Adventure Comics #55, October 1940

Tha Star of Singapore

Adventure Comics #56, November 1940

The Crook Who Knew the Sandman's Identity

Adventure Comics #57, December 1940

To Hammer the Earth

Adventure Comics #58, January 1941

Orchids of Doom

Adventure Comics #59, February 1941

The Story of the Flaming Ruby



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