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    Golddigger was the alias used by two different Marvel characters, both as supervillains.

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    Golddigger was created by Mark Gruenwald and Rik Levins and first appeared in Captain America #389 in August 1991.


    Golddigger I (Caprice)
    Golddigger I (Caprice)

    Although it was never officially explained, the Golddigger identity was most likely originated by the Scourge named Caprice and used it as a disguise to infiltrate the Unlimited Wrestling Federation and assassinate Titania (Davida DeVito). It is very likely that it's still her using the Golddigger identity when the characted was spotted as one of the female supervillains in Superia's cruiseship before it was infiltrated by Captain America and Paladin. She was next spotted together with Battleaxe and Steel Wind at the Bar With No Name, attacking Diamondback, Asp and Black Mamba for betraying Superia but were defeated by the latter three with the assistance of Impala.

    Angela Golden

    The next person spotted to use the Golddigger identity was Angela Golden, a gorgeous blonde, who first appeared in the Captain America Fighting Chance saga during the mid-1990's. She worked as Damon Dran's head of security that included henchmen like Kono the Sumo. She first approached Rachel Leighton (Diamondback) and Zach Moonhunter in a New Orleans bar after being tipped off that they were looking for Snapdragon. Golden gassed them off in her limo and despite being knocked out by Leighton, managed to bring them into Dran's mansion. Golden also tried to torture Leighton, Moonhunter and Cap, when he went to rescue the two. When Americop wrecked havoc in Dran's mansion and killed most of his men, Golden was seen trying to escape with Dran on his helicopter. Americop shot the chopper out of the sky and although she was only a few feet from the ground when the chopper exploded, nothing was known about Golden's status until she re-appeared in the Avengers Solo saga starring Hawkeye, this time known wholly as Angela Golden, no longer using the Golddigger alias.

    Powers and Skills

    Caprice is well-trained in armed and unarmed combat and while in her Golddigger identity demonstrated such skills with guns and daggers as well as in wrestling. She was also mostly seen as just a hired muscle taking orders from other more powerful villains. Angela Golden relied mostly on her pulchritude and feminine charm to distract male opponents. She also seemed to be superhumanly strong and could have earned such abilities from the Power Broker program which was also hinted at her appearance at the Avengers Solo saga. Golden has also often been seen leading groups of hired muscle.
    The exact levels of her super strength have not been shown but Dr. Karl Malus did state that one candidate using a formula he developed was capable of lifting up to 1,400lbs so it is reasonable to assume she could potentially lift as much but most likely a little bit less.


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