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    Goldbug is a minor villain, who was obsessed with gold. He has faced off against many heroes.

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    In his earlier years he faced off against Luke Cage, then Power Man, and Thunderbolt.


    Goldbug was created by Marv Wolfman and Lee Elias in 1977 and first appeared in Power Man # 41.

    Major Story Arcs

    With the Maggia

    He once captured the Hulk in a scheme to find and conquer El Dorado, also known as the city of gold. He found El Dorado and there teamed up with the Hulk to defeat Tyrannus.

    Goldbug would meet the Maggia somewhere on the east side of Manhattan and offer to split the proceeds of his criminal activities if he was granted access to the Maggia's fencing network because he couldn't afford to cover his own overhead since he used real gold in his paraphernalia which included his ship, costume and weaponry.

    Against Spider-Man

    The Maggia proposed a test for Goldbug by having him steal gold from the ESU campus which was being used as a science experiment and would have to give up eighty percent of his take if he was successful. Goldbug promised to deliver and reached the roof of the Physics building where Peter Parker and Dr. Sloan were experimenting on the stack of gold bars. A modified radar scanner from Goldbug's hovercraft pinpointed the exact location of the gold and used laser beams to silently cut away at the vent above the lab. Debra Whitman heard a loud crash after Goldbug lowered himself into the lab and some debris had buried Dr. Sloan and Peter Parker. Goldbug used his gold gun on some guards and Debra Whitman as they entered the lab. Goldbug hoisted the stack of gold and started to head back to the Maggia. Peter Parker freed himself from the rubble and threw a spider tracer onto Goldbug's craft as he flew away. Parker then created an acid solution to safely remove the gold coating from Debra Whitman and the two guards. Dr. Sloan informed Peter that the gold was radioactive and it would kill anyone who would handle it. Parker swings into action as Spider Man and discovers the barge near the collapsing west side highway where the transaction between Goldbug and the Maggia was to take place. Spider Man crashes the party and tells Goldbug and the Maggia that the gold was radioactive and too dangerous for them to handle. Spider Man fought off members of the Maggia and took down Goldbug with a web-bola. Spider Man removed Goldbug's gloves and Gilden saw the burns, blisters and running sores caused from the radioactive gold. The other Maggia soldiers were upset and blamed Goldbug for poisoning them. The Maggia opened fire and Goldbug fell into the ocean water. Spider Man dove into the water but could not find Goldbug and assumed he had drowned.


    Goldbug survived his encounter with the Maggia and reappeared years later when a corrupt GI informed him of a gold building that had been disposed in the great Puerto Rican trench in exchange for a piece of the profit. Goldbug needed the money for treatments since he was still suffering from radiation poisoning. Namor discovered the trench with the gold when special presidential agent Charles Anderson informed the king of Atlantis the origin of the gold building. Namor left the submarine when he noticed Goldbug's ship hauling some gold with a large net. Goldbug's craft was equipped with a cloaking device that prevented him from being detected electronically but Namor decided to take action. Namor severed the net from the ship and Goldbug attacked with lasers and titanium grapplers. Namor grabbed the titanium tentacles and tossed Goldbug's ship away. Namor was gonna give chase to the damaged ship but a depth charge halted his pursuit and Goldbug managed to escape.

    Civil War

    Goldbug recently encountered the Heroes for Hire during the Civil War when he tries to get a new identity, passport, drivers license and plane ticket to leave the country from Vienna. Goldbug along with other criminals that oppose the Registration Act included: Grindhouse, Shockwave, Ghost Maker, Equinox, Bloodshed, Kogar and Shadow Slasher. They would clash with the Heroes for Hire and eventually defeated.

    Goldbug and the Plunderer are invited to a secret meeting with Captain America and his resistance by Diamondback during the Civil War. Goldbug and Plunderer tell Captain America that the super criminal community was afraid they were heading towards a police state and also opposed Iron Man and the entire Superhuman Registration Act. Goldbug and Plunderer tell Captain America that they would back them up if they needed them when they are gunned down and killed by the Punisher. Punisher is then attacked by Captain America who knocks him out. Punisher would also not fight back.

    Recently a (presumably) new Goldbug appeared, having been blackmailed into committing crimes in order to see his family again.


    Battlesuit contains electrically-powered exoskeleton that upgrades his strength. His "gold-gun" shoots gold-coloured dust that hardens on contact. He uses his "bugship" hovercraft and submarine.



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