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    Gold is the main protagnist of the GSC series. He grew up in a wealthy family, with many pokemon about. He was given the nickname Pokemon Boy for all the pokemon he was around and he can also be seen holding a billiard cue.

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    The Golden Boy

    Growing up in such a wealthy respected family was going great for Gold. Until he went out into the real world on his own. Besides having tons of money, Gold does have a natural talent for hatching pokemon and making hatched pokemon extremely powerful. Even with this amazing pokemon hatching skill, it didn't help him one bit with his lacking social skills. Gold is very stubborn and if he doesn't agree with something or someone then he will let it be known. This strong atitude has gotten him in trouble on many occasions but has also in some ways made the pokemon world a better place. Gold is very passionate about pokemon and would do anything for them, he would even go as so far as to break the law if he knew it would a pokemon in dire need.

    Gold or Silver?!

    Gold was not first accepted by Prof. Oak to be a Dex holder. But after seeing how stubborn and how hard Gold had worked Prof. Oak gave him his Dex. After getting his Dex and title The Hatcher from Prof. Oak, Gold traveled to Prof. Elm's lab to receive his starter pokemon. While there Gold caught Silver stealing Prof. Elm's Totodile. It was too late for Gold to stop him from getting away, but Gold spent most of the series just chasing Silver around. This competion between the two soon formed a rivalry and then later, through many tough battles with and against one another they became close friends.

    Crys, Lugia, & the Whirl Islands

    Gold and Crys met by chance in the Whirl Islands. When they first met he didn't care much for her serious personality, but at the same she didn't like his wishy-washy personality. Crys and Gold had to team up though at the Whirl Islands against Lugia. After that first encounter they share many adventures together. And even though many times Crys has had to clean up after Gold's mistakes, they eventually become close friends.

    Current Pokemon Team


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