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    The Gold Power Ranger is a seldom seen color that is always a later add on to the team and is usually more powerful than the main rangers. Gold Rangers are some of the least seen colors.

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    Power Rangers: Zeo

    Trey of Triforia - The original Gold Power Ranger who was from a planet called Triforia, Trey exists as three separate beings representing three aspects of his personality Courage, Heart, and Wisdom. Trey appeared on Earth to aid the Zeo Rangers against the Machine Empire and at first aided them in a few select battles without revealing his identity. When a bounty hunter named Varox came looking for him though, Trey was forced to crash land on Aquitar. The White and Blue Alien Rangers sent him to Earth at Trey's request since Trey needed Zordon's help in preserving the Gold Ranger Powers. Due to Trey's weakened state he needed to transfer the Gold Ranger Powers for a limited time to preserve them. The Zeo Rangers originally wanted Billy Cranston, the original Blue Power Ranger, to take the powers though the Gold Powers rejected Billy. Tommy Oliver, the Red Zeo Ranger, at the time, escorted Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Power Ranger, and Jason was made the new and first Earth Gold Power Ranger. Trey had Jason activate the Super Zeo crystals which gave the Zeo Rangers the Super Zeo Zords. Trey then left for Triforia to reunite his three forms though would later send the Warrior Wheel and Pyramidas Zords to aid the Zeo Rangers.

    Trey would later return when the Gold Ranger Powers proved too much for Jason to control and even though Trey had not reunited his forms Zordon came up with a dangerous plan to return the powers to Trey while reuniting his forms and saving Jason at the same time. The team had to reach a specific point on Earth at the exact moment Triforia, Aquitar, and Earth were in alignment. The gambit worked and Trey was made whole again and received the Gold Ranger powers back. Trey then aided the Zeo Rangers one final time in battle with King Mondo by using his powers to make the rangers grow to the size of Zords. Two Years later during the event of Power Rangers: In Space, Trey was seen battling Rita and Lord Zedd on a distant planet and was captured for the Evil Alliance. Trey was released when Zordons death resulted in a Evil destroying wave that purified Zedd and Rita and destroyed most other evil beings in that galaxy. Trey watched warningly as Zedd and Rita skipped away.

    Jason Lee Scott - Jason was the original Red Power Ranger of Earth and was chosen by Tommy to take the Gold Ranger Powers from Trey so as to preserve the powers until Trey could take them back. Jason as the Gold Ranger served as the powerful 6th ranger for the season and gave the other Zeo Rangers access to the Super Zeo Zords. Jason was worried his presence would affect the other rangers negatively and told Tommy he did not want to take over as leader. Rocky who took over from Jason as the Red Ranger felt threatened and thought he was going to be phased out as a Ranger so he tried to defeat King Mondo by himself. This led to him having to be rescued by Jason who then told him of his status on the team and has a friend. Jason's body was eventually shown to be rejecting the Gold Ranger Power as it was not meant for a human. Trey would then return and even though Trey had not reunited his forms, Zordon came up with a dangerous plan to return the powers to Trey while reuniting his forms and saving Jason at the same time. The team had to reach s specific point on Earth at the exact moment Triforia, Aquitar, and Earth were in alinement. The gambit worked and Trey was made whole again and received the Gold Ranger powers back. Jason then watched on the sidelines as Trey made the Zeo Rangers grow to Zord size and fight a grown King Mondo. Jason the left the group, but would return in "Forever Red" with his original Red Power Ranger morpher.

    Power Rangers: Mystic Force

    Solaris Knight - Daggeron aka the Solaris Knight is one of the Ancient Mystics who battled a horde of monsters and demons in order to preserve both the magical and human worlds. Daggeron was intrusted by Udonna the White Mystic Ranger, to save her and Leanbow's baby Bowen. Leanbow was Daggeron's master so Daggeron went to escort the baby out of the battlefield. Daggeron was attacked by his former friend Calindor who turned to evil. The two battled and both were eventually locked in a cave and cursed to remain their while the baby was taken by Phineas the Troblin to the human world. Daggeron was released from the cave though was turned into a frog when the Master summoned Calindor who now went by Imperious as a replacement for Morticon as the main adversary for the Mystic Force Rangers. Daggeron was released from the cave though was still a frog. After saving Madison the Blue Mystic Ranger by jumping on a monster. Madison in gratitude kissed the frog and Daggeron was freed of the curse. Daggeron immediately transformed into the Solaris Knight and destroyed the monster.

    Daggeron was then tasked by Udonna to train the Mystic Rangers in combat and magic. Daggeron was a fair but stern teacher. More than once he left the Rangers stranded in alternate dimensions as training and would set high expectations for them. Daggeron seemed to get along with Chip the Yellow Mystic Ranger the best. When Leanbow was reveled to be alive and Korag the Knightwold under the Masters control, Udonna left to find her husband so Daggeron took over as the general caretaker and teacher for the rangers. Daggeron was able to defeat and destroy Imperious/Calindor in a bound battle to the death, but later gained a nemesis with Megahorn of the 10 Terrors. Later when the Master was released from the Underworld Daggeron and Leanbow were slain in battle with the demon, but was revived thanks to Necrolai the Queen of the Vampires sacrificing her immortality to bring them and Jenji the Genie back to life. Daggeron was involved in the last battle against the Master and was then shown helping to rebuild a village in the forest and teaching Itassis of the 10 Terrors courage and kindness. He is the first Asian to be a Gold Power Ranger.

    Power Rangers: RPM

    Gold RPM Ranger
    Gold RPM Ranger

    Ranger Operator Series Gold - Gem or Ranger Gold is Operator number 7 in the RPM Rangers and one of the last recruits alongside his sister Gem who is the Silver Ranger. Though his number is 7 his place on the team is the sixth ranger. Gem and his sister are genius' and were inducted into the "Alphabet Soup" group who take potential candidates with the lie that they are allergic to the sun. The group was rescued and later Gem and Gemma were given experimental RPM Ranger morphers with Aircraft based Zords which is why the Gold and Silver suits differ from the first five rangers. Before joining the rangers Gem and Gemma were out in the wastelands battling the machines and have adopted a "shoot first ask questions later" policy. They were nicknamed the "Boom Twins". The twins are always seen together and will often finish each others sentences. After the war with the machines the twins were recruited into Eagle Squadron due to their aircraft based Zords and were excited about "being paid to blow stuff up"

    Power Rangers: Samurai

    Antonio Garcia - A fish monger by trade Antonio became the tech wizard of the Samurai Power Rangers after he developed his own morpher. Antonio sent a note to Jayden Shiba, the Red Samurai Ranger, saying "See You Soon". Antonio later aided the Rangers in a battle making his debut as the Gold Samurai Ranger and then appear at the Rangers base where Master Ji took his morpher away though later gave it back and Antonio became the official sixth ranger of the team. Antonio element is light and as such has shown to move faster than the naked eye and defeat multiple enemies in a flash. He utilizes and Iado style of swordsmanship which is based on using a sword inside its sheath, drawing and attacking in one swift motion, and then re-sheathing the blade. Antonio's sword is a tanto style blade called the Barracuda Blade.

    Power Rangers: Dino Charge

    Gold Dino Charge Ranger
    Gold Dino Charge Ranger

    Sir Ivan of Zandar - Portrayed by actor Davi Santos, Ivan is the Gold Dino Charge Power Ranger. He represents the Pterodactyl dinosaur and commands the Petra Zord. Ivan is a legendary Knight from the small fictional country of Zandar, hence why he speaks with an accent. He also tends to use antiquated phrases from England to refer to the other rangers. Ivan is a kind, gentle soul, who values honesty and loyalty above all else. He is the first Latino Gold Power Ranger.

    Power Rangers: Ninja Steel

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    Levi Weston - Portrayed by actor Jordi Webber, is the Gold Ninja Steel Power Ranger. Levi was a highly successful and very popular country singer before he became a power ranger. He is humble, never letting the fame get to his head, kind, and thoughtful of others. Despite being a gifted musician and becoming famous, he tends to prefer living as normal a life as he can and enjoys being a ranger. He is the long lost brother of Brody, the Red Ninja Steel Ranger, and the son of Dane, the first Red Ninja Steel Ranger. Levi commands the Robo Rider Zord and the Ninja Bull Zord.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (2017)

    Samurai - Antonio Garcia

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    Game Bio: The most outgoing and playful of the Samurai Rangers. Unlike the others, Antonio did not receive formal Samurai training and learned to fight on his own. This computer wiz uses his electronic power symbols to program his Zords.

    Mystic Force - Daggeron

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    Game Bio: Daggeron was a disciple of Leanbow, who trained him so he could be the protector of Udonna and her son. In a battle with Calindor, also known as Imperious, both were enchanted and trapped in a magical cave. When Daggeron woke up, a long time had passed and things were not like before. Leanbow was destroyed and the baby he had to protect was missing. Daggeron now protects Udonna and trains the Power Rangers Mystic Force to eradicate evil and keep peace on Earth.

    Released: 15/01/2021.

    Dino Fury - Aiyon

    No Caption Provided

    Game Bio: Aiyon is a Rafkonian and waspart of the ancient Dino Fury Rangers 65 million years ago, as the Gold Ranger from the Planet Rafkon. In the last war to eliminate Sporix beasts, they had to abandon the Zord, so Aiyon slept at the bottom of the sea for eons. One day, the Mystic Green Ranger woke him up and summoned him to be part of the new Dino Fury Rangers as the 6th Ranger to fight against Lord Zedd.

    Released: 10/03/2023.

    Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (2019)

    Trey of Triforia was released as part of the Season One DLC pass in July 2019.

    No Caption Provided

    Game Bio: The original Gold Zeo Ranger, Trey was an alien from the planet Triforia who came to Earth to help the Zeo Rangers battle the Machine Empire. There, he was attacked and split into three separate beings, forcing him to temporarily transfer his Gold Ranger powers to veteran ex-Ranger Jason Lee Scott.


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