Gold Digger Universe

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    A Timeline / guide to the Gold Digger Universe created by Fred Perry.

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    Beginning of Time

    The Nomad Artificers create Nexus and its pocket dimensions

    500 Million BC (Early Paleozoic)

    Dr. Peachbody arrives.

    140 Million BC

    Peak of the Saurian Civilization

    40 Million BC - Age of Magic Begins

    Saurians intrude on the home dimension of the Beta-Phantoms. Betans retaliate and Saurians are wiped out.

    Iceron the arch-magician creates the very first were-races.

    An Elven royal sides with the Dwarves in Succession Wars.

    Iron Dragons Phyrogoth and Dreadwing (in human forms and going by the names Merlin and Drey) search for the Time Raft.

    2000 BC

    The dragon elder Exthilion uses a piece of Senadra's soul to restore Merlin's body as a flesh Golem.

    Dimensional explorers from Earth find and colonize Nexus and rename it "Jade".

    Rock Elves find Dain, the ark of the Shadows, beneath their city and activate it accidentally. The Shadows of Jade are summoned.

    The Shadows return to Jade and enslave all who live there.

    A Beta-Phantom is found by the Rock Elves and is absorbed by them, creating the first Shadow Elves.

    The Armsmaster Tournament is founded.

    The Mage Council of Jade rules that anti-magic weapons be locked up out of fear of the Shadow Elves.

    End of the Age of Magic

    August 11, 1002 BC

    Beginning of the Exodus of Magic. The Master Guilds of Magic leave Earth.

    700 BC

    The Ammonians arrive on Earth and build a hyperspace-port in ancient Egypt.

    800 BC

    Madrid ends up in an East Indian temple and lives a boring life.

    Christ is born.


    Dr. Peachbody transports Ryan, Asriel and Arnie to 14th century Europe where they fight the Vampire Queen Natasha and hordes of Deadians.


    Dr. Peachbody and Benji plant a delayed action bomb meant to sterilize Gina's parents and prevent the birth of Gina Diggers.


    Birth of Theodore Diggers.


    Birth of Julia Brigand.


    Theodore goes to Jade and begins his magical training.


    First meeting of Theodore Diggers and Julia Brigand.


    William Justice becomes a villain and begins to go by the name "Tirant".


    The Wonder Friends are disbanded and Agency Zero is established.

    Julia begins training under Master Leep.


    Marriage of Theodore Diggers and Julia Brigand.

    Dr. Peachbody's second attempt to prevent the birth of Gina Diggers.


    Birth of Ryan Tabbot.


    Birth of Gina Babette Diggers.


    Dr. Diggers is unable to prevent the were-wolves and were-cheetahs from being manipulated into fighting each other. He finds the sole survivor and adopts her as Britanny Elin Diggers.


    Dr. Diggers' father becomes the Lich King after failing to cast a powerful spell.

    Ryan Tabbots parents die in a plane crash. Ryan is taken in and trained by the Unlimited Fighting Federation team his father had been a part of.

    Swordsman Zero joins the Unlimited Fighting Federation and teaches the participants to search for the "perfect fight".


    Mita Celande attempts to erase Dr. Peachbody from existence by neutering his ancestor. Peachbody merges with Benji, becoming one being, but is defeated and is sent into the very distant past.

    Major Characters


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