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    Character » Gold Beetle appears in 11 issues.

    A time traveler who carries the legacies of both Blue Beetle and Booster gold and is a self proclaimed guardian of time.

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    Gold Beetle comes from a long line of heroes and time-travelers, specifically the legacies of modern day duo Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.


    Gold Beetle first appears in the Black Adam back-up story in Future State: Suicide Squad #1 by Jeremy Adams and Fernando Pasarin

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting Wally West

    After sensing a temporal disruption caused by Terrifictech, Beetle traveled to the present to confront whoever was messing with time. There, she met Wally West for the first time, who had lured her there since he had already met a future version of her. Wally knew that Beetle had on her a special hourglass device she called the timeglass. Hourman called it a worlogog and needed it to get he and Flash to the Palace of Eternity so that they could saved Wally's newborn son, Wade. Beetle traveled with them along with Kid Flash, Omega Bam Man, and The Terrifics.

    Upon arriving at the Palace of Eternity, they found giant monsters fighting each other just outside. She would stay with part of the team outside to keep the monsters busy so that Wally and others could save Wade. Unfortunately, the worlogog was damaged causing the group to be lost in time.

    Wally West Meets Her

    Breaking into the Flash Museum
    Breaking into the Flash Museum

    In the 30th century, Beetle was teaming up with Impulse to stop a Dominator that Impulse believed killed his father, however, his Speed Force was acting up, causing a surge that grew the Dominator to an incredible height. This surge was the result of Wally West's mind hopping from speedster to speedster through time. Beetle determined this by adjusting her gear to pick up on the radio signal that Barry Allen and Mister Terrific had managed to connect to Wally. She immediately recognized him as the 21st century Flash that she had already met from when she helped find Wade West.

    She agreed to help Wally sap the energy out of the Dominator. The plan was to break into the Flash Museum and steal a device that Barry would hide their back in the 21st century, which worked like a charm. As the Speed Force starts to pull Wally's mind to the next speedster, Beetle lets him know if she ever needs him cause a temporal disruption, knowing she'll come running when he does.

    Before he goes, he does ask a favor from Beetle to save the heroes he killed accidentally at Sanctuary.

    Planet Flash

    Beetle with the Sanctuary Heroes
    Beetle with the Sanctuary Heroes

    Just as Flash asked, Beetle went to work saving the heroes at Sanctuary. She first went to the 35th century to arrange for clones of the heroes to replace at the crime scene to not alter the timeline. She was able to save every hero but Roy Harper, who was too close to the Speed Force surge to rescue. Thankfully, he returned on his own. She brought the Sanctuary heroes, as well as prehistoric speedster, Ugh and Swoosh, to Timepoint, which she renamed Planet Flash.

    Knowing that Wally would have a run in with The Fraction and dematerialize after absorbing an especially large amount of Speed Force, teleporting him to Timepoint. She wanted to be there waiting, with all the heroes she saved as a surprise. She also stole a bunch of Fraction harnesses that would work long enough for them all to distract The Fraction long enough to give Wally's family in the 21st century the opportunity they need to end the threat.

    Afterward, Wally invited her to a celebratory cookout, but she refused so as not to meet Jai West, her future boyfriend, before she is supposed to.

    Powers and Abilities

    Future Tech: Beetle is from the future and is possession of a number of gadgets capable of things that the 21st century is only just imagining

    • Time Traveler: Beetle is capable of traveling through time
    • BB Vehicle: Beetle has a beetle shaped hover craft much like Ted Kord's but painted gold.


    Future State

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    Gold Beetle was working for The Linear Police in The Vanishing Point, outside of time and space, when they were attacked by The Unkindness, a corrupted variant of the Teen Titan, Raven. She fled to the 853rd Century where she met Black Adam, Resurrection Man, and Wonder Woman. They were also being attacked by The Unkindness, but Beetle had a plan. She planned on using her family heirloom scarab to divine other magic users who could help where science has failed. This brought them to the Tower of Fate, where The Quintessence revealed they were going to allow The Unkindness destroy the known universe. Gold Beetle griped another rebooted reality just as she started to fade from this one.


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