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Gola Zae belonged to the Crime council, and dealed with scientific eguipment, before she was brought to justice. This was seen in Shade, the Changing Man #8, in a flashback. Back then, she was romantically involved with another member of the Crime council, Captain Majan.

She was next seen making inhuman experiments on a random Metan man. She was seen by Mellu Loron, who was hit unconscious by Gola Zaes goon. Gola Zae and the goon sent Mellu to the Area of madness in Zero-zone. But as bad luck would have it (for Gola Zae), Shade got there just in time to to save Mellu from the zone. He took Gola Zae with him to the zone, where she died of shock, in the area of madness.


Gola Zae was created by Steve Ditko and Michael Fleisher.

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