Where would Goku rank if he were in dc?

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Where would he rank?

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i would put him at sky father level if it is the goku at the end of DBZ,

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@houseshm: this is hard to say



This is a page in order for the team to classify the various warriors in different fictional franchises in terms of their power and to see who would match up well against who. The more characters a universe has in higher tiers, the stronger that fictional universe generally is within the Deadliest Fictional Warrior and cross-fiction versus battledome. As per regulation, all characters should be placed into a tier toward the beginning of their profile, in bold for emphasis.

Note: Simply being in a higher tier does not automatically guarantee a character a win over a character in a lower tier, as the said character may have some very powerful special techniques or attributes. This tiering is concerned mainly with destructive potential, but can also include various broken abilities that would render that character higher in the pecking order. Also, the old tiering system I found to be incomplete, and therefore it is necessary to break each tier down into classes, starting with the third. I also did away with tier 10 from the old site as it was unnecessary.

For purposes of the show, it is unlikely that combatants on Deadliest Fictional Warrior will exceed Class C of tier 3, as that level of power is hard to test and quantify for a battle or even a vs debate.

Tier 1: Omnipotents

True omnipotent characters are placed here. They are walking no limits fallacies and can do what they please. They are invincible. (Ex: The One Above All from Marvel)

Tier 2: Near-Omnipotents

These characters are extremely high level reality warpers with very little restrictions on what they can do. However, some restrictions have been shown to exist, and therefore they cannot be considered truly omnipotent. Usually they would be multiversal (to varying degrees and above), but this isn't necessarily always so, since power can surpass or outdo scope at times. (Ex: The Living Tribunal from Marvel, the Chousin from Tenchi Muyo!)

Tier 3: Cosmics

These characters are highly powerful in the universe or plain of existence they reside in and are able to move and shake it in many ways. If they wanted to they could become universal threats extremely rapidly and more to varying levels, types, and degrees. This category/tier and above tends to be very broad and wide in spectrum and fervor.

Class A:

These are actual universe busters. (Ex: Galactus from Marvel)

Class B:

Class B Cosmics would include reality warping characters or other hax abilities that could distort the fabric of existence in the universe they reside in. (Ex: STTGL from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, The Celestials from Marvel, Giygas from Earthbound)

Class C:

Cosmics in this class are multi galaxy busters and would be able to threaten the universe on a lower scale. (Ex: Odin from Marvel)

Tier 4: Galactics

Characters in this tier can be considered miniature versions of tier 3. They often include some level of reality warping or other broken and hax abilities.

Class A:

The highest end of tier 4 are actual galaxy busters. (Ex: Dark Schneider and Fallen Uriel from Bastard!!,Divine Bronze Saints from Saint Seiya)

Class B:

Class B Galactics would likely include multi solar system busting in order to rapidly threaten the galaxy or other broken abilities. (Ex: Gold Saints from Saint Seiya, Seraphs- when not in Augoeides form from Bastard!!)

Class C:

Class C Galactics are well above stellar level threats, and have demonstrated the ability to destroy objects well in excess of planet or star busting. They also tend to at least fave FTL speeds. (Ex: Sailor Cosmos from Sailor Moon, the Silver Surfer from Marvel)

Tier 5: Stellars

Characters in tier 5 can destroy planets or rapidly threaten star systems.

Class A:

These are characters that can destroy stars or solar systems. (Ex: The Sun Crusher from Star Wars, Hal Jordan from Green Lantern)

Class B:

These characters are multi-planet busters or have the ability to rapidly destroy planets. (Ex: DBZ characters post Frieza, Sailor Galaxia)

Class C:

These are casual planet busters but can't destroy much further without effort. (Ex: Sailor Saturn, Frieza, Guyver Exceed)

Tier 6: Planetaries

Characters here can rapidly become planetary threats.

Class A:

Characters here are country or continent busters. (Ex: Jio Freed from 666 Satan, World War Hulk, Saiyan Saga DBZ characters)

Class B:

Characters in this class can casually destroy cities or mountain ranges in order to rapidly threaten life on the planet. (Ex: Anthrax and Ede EE from Bastard!!)

Tier 7: Warlords

Warlords can rapidly destroy centers of civilization and threaten the planet that they inhabit.

Class A:

Class A Warlords can destroy multiple mountains or islands with their power. (Ex: Yu Yu Hakusho characters- note that this is controversial, 23rd Budokai DB characters, Mewtwo,Silver Saints from Saint Seiya)

Class B:

Class B Warlords are city or mountain busters. (Ex: Arshes Nei and Dark Schneider's Shittenou from Bastard!!- implied, Lina Inverse from Slayers, a XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero user from Gundam Wing,)

Tier 8: Overmen

These characters have powers or abilities that exceed ordinary humans, but are not on the level of the preceding characters.

Class A:

Class A Overmen can probably destroy a street or building with their power. (Ex: The Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon, Neo & Smith from the Matrix)

Class B:

Class B Overmen simply have some sort of intrinsic power that exceeds a peak human, but doesn't necessarily translate into destructive force. (Ex: some characters from Metal Gear, Agents, Redpill humans, and other programs from the Matrix, J.C. Denton and Alex D From Deus Ex)

Tier 9: Ordinaries

Characters in this tier have no special powers of their own and are entirely dependent on the equipment that they carry.

Class A:

These are trained peak humans and experts in combat, possibly with some intrinsic bodily enhancements. (Ex: Solid Snake from Metal Gear, Batman from DC, Captain America from Marvel, the Gundam Pilots from Gundam Wing, Master Chief from the Halo series,Edward Carnby from Alone In the Dark,Oscar Francoise from Rose of Versailles, John Rambo)

Class B:

This is the generic hodgepodge of characters that are thrust into conflict with no real training prior to that. (Ex: The Hobbits from Lord of the Ring,Gordon Freeman from Half-Life,Flynn Carsen from The Librarian movies).


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Street Leveler. *sizzle*

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@arturocalakayvee: i got this from anime vice

cell is a solar system buster but that is were the issue comes from cell said it with no feat

goku has flt so he like a 4.5 or something

Characters can bust a portion of the Galaxy (bills and buu)

Tier 5 - Cosmics : Planetbusters to starbusters:

  • Low: Planetbuster without FTL feats and methods to reach space on their own power. (I.e.: DB characters like Goku and Vegeta)
  • Med: FTL Planetbusters and multi-planet busters, interplanetary threats
  • High: Starbusters

Tier 4 - Celestials: Anything from busting a solar system to destroying some portion of the Galaxy.

  • Low: solar system busting
  • Med: Multi-star system busters
  • High: Characters can bust a portion of the Galaxy and affect things on Galactical scale.


so dbz could be Celestials if we just got a solar or galaxy feat to prove it

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Goku at end of Dbz it 4-C, GT goku it 4-B and DBS goku it atleast 3-A

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Current Goku would be around Superman's level.

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Below Batm *get shot*

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DBS Goku is currently leagues above powerhouses like Darkseid and would only have trouble with the entities, Skyfather is too low for him

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Goku is the strongest he would be the highest level if he was in dc superman or even any other hero is no match for goku goku can blow up the universe if he wanted he would wipe the floor with every marvel and dc hero goku can run or fly 100000 times faster than light he is faster than flash stronger than superman goku is the strongest that there is he defended the earth many times from being defeated even by the god of destraction he didn't let him destroy the earth he can move freely when hit was freezing time so goku is the stronger from any other marvel or dc hero or any super villain so goku is number 1

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