Goku's Max Power

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There's been alot of talk about how much power goku has or how srong and durable he is, so this post will provide facts from the manga and outside material that pertains to the canon story.

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Goku punched basically as hard as he could in SSJ3 here, and a planet with 10x the gravity of the Earth like King Kai's at that size would have somewhere between 40% and 60% of Earth's mass. Of course SSJ3 is only a fraction of his full power given he can reach SSJG mode as well.

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@alcoholbob: Good scan. I had this in mind. Considering that the moon is only 1/81 earth's mass, goku can easily destroy planetoid objects such as our moon and dwarf planets (like mercury) with ease as a SSJ3. This feat was also achieved without any relativistic speed mass, he simply punched through the planet with his enhanced ki striking force. Characters who far surpass SSJ3 goku like Mystic Gohan, Buutenks, Buuhan, Vegetto, Gogeta, Janemba etc would all be on Small planet level + as regards striking power. Between MSSJ and SSJ2, they are Multi mountain busters (this is from sheer force alone, they weren't literally punching the mountains but yet mountains were cracking and busting) Example: Goku Vs cell and Goku Vs. Majin vegeta.


1. MSSJ - SSJ2: Multi Mountain busting + with sheer force, no need of literally punching the mountains.

2. SSJ3 - Moon level +, no need of relativistic speed.

3. Top tier Buu saga characters (SSJ3 gotenks, Mystic gohan, All Super buu's, Vegetto): Small planet level + (Earth size +)

4. SSJ God, Bills and Whis: Large Planet level +

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Since we calculated striking strength, now we can get a good estimate of speeds. One thing people forget about dbz is that it hardly ever has the same laws of physics as our universe or marvel's and DC's. In those verses, going at a certain level of speed can do catastrophic damage to the planet.


This is a scan of SSJ gotenks (Pre rosat) flying around the planet multiple times and if you notice he's taking laps that are much bigger than the circumference of earth. After he did this gotenks went to take a nap. This was calculated on a site called Outskirtsbattledome as being Sub-Relativistic + speeds. This is a little above 1% of the speed of light, a little over 299, 792 458 m / s. If we use logic from here, SSJ3 goku (buu saga) is a low portion of the speed of light when in flight mode. The stronger one is the faster they are (Only exception is the Ultra SSJ form). SSJ3 goku > SSJ gotenks (Pre rosat).

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