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About Gojo

Gojo is one of the earliest popular characters in Indian comics series that was published and distributed by Raj Comics. Gojo was created by a Sadhu named Rishi Taptamukhi through a ritual ceremony known as Yagya, in order to eradicate all evil and demons from the earth. Gojo`s physical being consists of 7 mystical beings who emerged out of the same Yagya ritual, through which Gojo himself was formed. The Indian comics series of Gojo was published in Hindi language by Raj Comics.

Concept of Gojo

During the Dwapara Yuga, various demons terrorized the earth and spread chaos and pandemonium. The powerful Khunkhara, leader of the demons, desired to dethrone the gods and deities. He and his army destroyed many empires and cities and killed several innocent humans. Khunkhara conducted numerous brutal activities and established himself as the most dangerous and terrifying being. The demon army also ravaged the rituals of the Sadhus and Rishis and terrorized them. It was at this time that Rishi Taptamukhi, a highly revered saint, decided to eradicate Khunkhara and the demon army from earth and thus began a Yagya to please the gods and request them to send a saviour who will protect the humans and eliminate the evil beings. 7 mystical beings emerged out of the ritual ceremony and finally Gojo appeared.

He requested to all the mystical beings to enter his body and accumulate within him. This marked the beginning of his journey to restore peace and destroy evil. Meanwhile when the Mankat Demons, spider-like creatures, attacked a neighbouring city, Gojo battled with them and defeated them without much effort. The leader of these demons, Mankot surrendered to Gojo upon realising his valour and offered to become his ride forever, as after the fight Mankot felt a change of heart. Mankot accompanied Gojo in his conquest of defeating evil from earth.

Gojo, along with Mankot, eventually faced Khunkhara, the leader of the demons. After a brutal battle of might, Gojo achieved success in defeating and terminating the demon. Even though Khunkhara was killed, evil was still not removed from earth. Thus Gojo`s quest of cleansing the earth continued as he resumed his journey of eradicating evil along with the 7 Mystical beings and Mankot, his friend and ride. Gojo has faced extreme situations with bravery several times and risked his life to challenge the evil and fulfill his destiny.


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