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    A giant one eyed crab like monster from the Legend of Zelda games and comic book.

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    There have been several incarnations of Gohma, normally a one eyed invertebrate boss.

    Legend of Zelda

    Gohma makes here first appearance in the first game as the boss of the Dragon Labyrinth, then appears as a mini-boss in the Lion Labyrinth. Her weak spot is her eye, but she is protected by her exoskeleton.

    Link's Awakening

    Two Gohma's appear as mini-bosses in the dungeon,Catfish's Maw.

    Ocarina of Time

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    Gohma appears as the first boss, with a tweaked name: Parasitic Armored Arachnid Queen Gohma. Ganondorf uses Gohma to ravage the Great Deku Tree's inside for not giving him the Spiritual Stone of Forests. Eventually Gohma spreads her offspring throughout the Great Deku Tree and starts to absorb its life. Gohma resides at the top of the dungeon. Once defeated Link is given the Spiritual Stone of Forests and starts his adventure.

    Oracle of Seasons

    Gohma appears in the Dancing Dragon Dungeon.

    Wind Waker

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    Gohma is placed, by Ganondorf, under the great Valoo on Dragon Roost Island. She constantly torments Valoo and in the process makes Valoo violent and unpredictable. This cases the natives of the island, the Rito, into a state of panic due to their ritual for the children to gain flight by taking one of Valoo's scales. Link defeats Gohma and is given Din's pearl as a reward. Gohma appears in Ganondorf's tower with three other bosses.

    Four Swords Adventure

    Gohma appears wandering Hyrule and as a mini-boss in certain levels.

    Twilight Princess

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    Gohma appears as Twilight Arachnid Armogohma. It appears the boss in the Temple of Time.


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