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August Heart gained connection to the Speed Force during a Speed Force storm in Central City, along with many other citizens. He then became the Flash's partner and in secret became the serial killer known as "Godspeed". He is dangerous and is able to steal the Speed Force from other speedsters, draining them of their powers, and claims to be faster than the Flash.

August is currently in Iron Heights after being knocked out by Wallace West and Barry Allen before being able to kill Professor Zoom. After being interviewed by Barry in Iron Heights, August admits knowing the real leader of the Black Hole but won't say who it is. August said that he's saving it for one day when he needs a favor from Barry.

August appears again during the Grodd Wars when he is brought out of the prison by Barry in order to save Central City, during this event we see him disappear into the Speed-Force as seen by Barry. But then we get a glimpse of him talking to someone maybe inside the Speed-Force.


Speed Force Conduit: As a conduit of the Speed Force, Godspeed's physiology is enhanced in many different ways.

  • Superhuman Speed, Reflexes, Agility, Stamina, and Durability
  • Protective Speed Force Aura
  • Speed Force Constructs
  • Lightning Generation/Projection
  • Steal Speed-In the Rebirth Continuity the ability is a bit different. In Godspeed's case, he is able to forcibly remove a speedster's connection to the Speed Force, adding it to his own and increasing his speed. Due to this being a forced process, anyone he drains speed from unwilling dies as a result.
  • Speed Scouts-It is, however important to note that he has a variation on this ability. Unlike Bart Allen, Godspeed's speed scouts are made by him literally splitting his being into two & becoming two entities with half the speed of the original. In addition to the loss in 50% of his speed, Godspeed cannot maintain this for long as eventually the pain will force him to merge himself back together.
  • Intangibility/Phasing
  • Cyclone Generation

Note: He also ranked 8th in DC's official list of 'Top 10 fastest DC characters'.


August is shown to have shown traits of loyalty and kindheartedness until he revealed himself to Barry as Godspeed. Since then he has shown no empathy and the drive to kill criminals and the eagerness to find his brother's killer and bring justice. Although he has shown signs of regret when Barry told him that the man he killed wasn't his brother's killer. He still considers himself as Barry's friend after everything that has happened between them.


The Speed Force has given August a similar costume to Barry's except for the color. August's suite is white and yellow and August wears a full mask.

August has jet black hair and is almost as tall as Barry.


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