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Deities of Ancient Egypt

In ancient times the pantheon of the Egyptian gods lived in Heliopolis, ruling Egypt until humans finally took their place as the dynastic kings known as the pharaohs. It was then that the Heliopolitan gods departed Earth, settling in a parallel dimension, where they established the celestial city of Heliopolis. However, like the Asgardian gods, the Heliopolitan deites retained strong links with Egypt, traveling to and from Earth on a golden bridge named the Path of the Gods.

Clash of the Gods

Although essentially an extended family, the Heliopolitan gods were somewhat dysfunctional. When Osiris, God of the Dead, was appointed ruler of the Gods his younger brother Seth was overwhelmed with jealousy-the tensions between the pair were to reverberate far beyond their celestial home. Seth's first solution was drastic-he killed Osiris, slicing up his body and scattering the pieces. When Osiris's wife and son—Isis and Horus—managed to resurrect him, Seth employed a different tactic, imprisoning all three in a pyramid. Although trapped there for millenia, Osiris and Isis eventually made the pyramid appear in the 20th century. This attracted the attention of Asgardian gods Thor and Odin but their efforts to free their fellow immortals did not prove straightfoward. Odin was forced to join battle with Seth, their struggle finally culminating in the severing of Seth's left hand.

Continuing Menaces

Seth has attempted time and time again to destroy all life in multiverse. An alliance of evil let loose the demonic Demogorge the God-Eater. Only when entity attempted to consume Thor was its path of destruction brought to an end. On a seperate occasion, Seth drained the energies of his fellow gods and invaded Asgard. He was only defeated by the combined forces of the Avengers and Earth Force. Thanos also threatend the universe with his infiunity gauntlet. Osirisattended a Council of the God kings to discuss their response. Fortunately, Thanos was thwarted by other entities. Although the time of Heliopolitan Gods is now long over, they and their petty sqaubbles still spill over human affairs.

Essential Storylines

Thor Vol. 1 #240-241

In thew first story to feature the Heliopolitans, Seth traps Osiris and Isis in a pyramid and does battle with Odin and Thor.

Thor Vol. 1 #386-400

Seth conquers Heliopolis, battles Thor and the Avengers, and then tries invade Asgard.


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