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    The Godkiller is a female Super-Skrull who was bred specifically to destroy Thor. The combined strength of Thundra, Titania, Volcana and Battleaxe along with several other genetic modifications allowed her to wield Beta Ray Bill's Stormbreaker.

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    As the war between the Super-Skrulls and The Asgardians raged, Beta Ray Bill boastfully shouted towards the Skrull Vessel asking if these warriors were the best ones The Skrulls had to offer. Their response to his overconfidence was a Super-Skrull unlike any other that had come before her. Indeed The Godkiller was unique, she had undergone extensive gene-altering surgical proceedures to not only gain the combined powers of Thundra, Titania, Volcana and Battleaxe but also have the ability to wield Bill's stolen Hammer, Stormbreaker, which The Skrulls had, through a combination of science and sorcerery, split apart and reforged into twin Axes.

    Having seen what The Skrulls did to his Hammer, Beta Ray Bill challenged The Godkiller to a duel, but in moments both Bill and many other Asgardians learned who the superior combatant was. As The Godkiller beat Beta Ray Bill, Balder and The Warriors Three simultaneously and single-handedly without even so much as breaking a sweat, a newborn Human baby named Faith was born in nearby Broxton. The Godkiller was able to "smell" the newborn's birth in the midst of war and immediately focused all her thoughts on reaching Broxton and ripping the Humans to shreds. Tossing Beta Ray Bill aside The Godkiller began making her way off of Asgard while Bill, Balder and The Warriors Three gave chase.

    But upon reaching the spot where Bill dropped Mjolnir; The Godkiller was confronted by Donald Blake. Knowing full-well what he would turn into if she allowed Blake to grab Mjolnir she began planning her next attack only to find herself thrown off-balance by Volstagg who gave Donald the distraction and time needed to transform into his alter-ego: The Mighty Thor. Infuriated by Volstagg's interferance The Godkiller began beating Volstagg to death with the Stormbreaker Axes but as she did so she forgot that Thor had entered the playing field and was promptly smacked in the face with Mjolnir. The conflict raged once more and as it did Fandral drove his sword into The Godkiller's chest which Thor hammered down even further in causing The Godkiller great pain.

    Nevertheless she took the pain in strides, laughed and put Stormbreaker back together. She spun it around, made the hammer overload and flung it into the Heavens where if it hit Broxton; Stormbreaker would explode like an atomic bomb, killing everyone who lived there. Thor was able to keep Stormbreaker from doing so however and returned it to Bill. Together Thor and Bill tricked The Godkiller into going directly under Asgard which they then dropped on top of her. When Thor and Bill rose Asgard back into the air all that was left of The Godkiller was green slime. The threat to Broxton and Asgard was over and no one would ever hear from The Godkiller ever again.


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