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Long ago, on a trek through Africa, Jamie Braddock and his girlfriend Amina Synge, and best friends Ned Horrocks and Godfrey were having the time of their lives when suddenly they were ambushed and attacked by military with whom Jamie had been gambling and losing lots of money too. Then, out of nowhere, the First Fallen appeared and tried to reach out to the four of them, but Jamie grew frightened and ran away, the first signs of his madness were appearing. Not long after, Amina learned how to call on her energy lizards, Ned learned how to channel his lightning and electricity powers, and Godfrey found out he could animate and control machinery.

After that, they remained out of sight for a long time, until not long after Jamie's sister Psylocke was resurrected by him, they came back and kidnapped Jamie and tried to summon the First Fallen to Earth to whisk them away with him this time. Naturally, the X-Men intervened--or tried to. Cannonball and Bishop engaged Godfrey and Ned, but failed to defeat them. When the First Fallen heeded their summons, he took all of the mutants present, X-Men and the self-titled Foursaken with him to his world.

There, in this new world, they found that their powers had been inhibited by the First Fallen and spent a long time debating with the X-Men on what to do. When Psylocke realized she still could fight and use her telepathy, the used her psychic knife to catch the First Fallen off guard and unlocked everyone's powers again. Upon their return home, and Jamie's and Ned's apparent deaths, the two teams parted again, though on not the best terms.


Because this happened after M-Day, it is known that Godfrey retained his X-Gene after the incident. He has, however, not been seen since he and Amina parted ways with the X-Men long ago.


Godfrey is a mutant, with the power of technopathy, meaning he can speak with, interphase with, communicate, animate, and control all kinds of electronics and machinery. He first demonstrated his abilities by creating his own Sentinel look-alike to fight Bishop and Cannonball.


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