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    Goddess is the 'pure' and 'good' part of Adam Warlock when he expelled good and evil from his soul.

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    During the time that Adam Warlock had the Infinity Gauntlet he expelled all good and evil from himself unconsciously so he could use the power of the gauntlet fairly. All the good became Goddess and all the evil became Magus. Goddess considers Warlock to be a sinner.


    Goddess is a Marvel character created by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim, first appearing in The Infinity War #2

    Character Evolution

    A being created by Adam Warlock to encapsulate all the "good" in him, the Goddess mission was to eradicate all hate and evil in the world, going so far as to create her own planet in which she populated with beings she collected who represented her goals. Single-mindedly intent of controlling the universe to create only good, she created the Cosmic Egg through hunting down thirty Cosmic Cubes. This pursuit brought her in direct opposition with powerful beings who were able to defeat her and imprison here in an environment where she was united with her other half, "Magus who was left there from the end of the Inifinity War.

    Major Story Arcs

    Near the end of the Infinity War, Goddess stole all of Magus's Cosmic Cubes. She used this power to appeal to many of Earth's heroes and form an army for the greater good of humanity. She used her power on the telepathic level to control all of Earth's citizens to be pure of evil. She created a holy planet for herself which she called Paradise Omega. The heroes she had controlled were transported to this planet and dubbed the Holy Guard to protect their leader. It was revealed that she now had 30 cosmic cubes, and she used them to create the Cosmic Egg. She planned to use it to create a group consciousness throughout the universe and rid it of evil.

    Goddess Knows Best
    Goddess Knows Best

    With the Cosmic Egg she began removing all evil and hate from the universe except for earth's heroes (including Uatu the Watcher, Thanos of Titan, and Adam Warlock). The remaining heroes begin their assault on Paradise Omega and are met in battle by the Holy Guard. Thanos tries to penetrate her defenses with the help of Professor X and the Soul Gem but he fails to do so before the Goddess completes her rapture. Every star in the universe explodes exterminating all life in the universe. But this is just an illusion created by Adam Warlock while in the Goddess' subconscious.

    She never actually destroyed the universe and finds that her Cosmic Egg is not omnipotent. All of Goddess's control over the Holy Guard was removed when they found out that she was going to destroy the universe, so she could not generate the universal will needed to override the Egg's inbuilt safeguards regarding destruction.

    Adam Warlock, Thanos, and Professor X then fight the Goddess on the spiritual plane. The Goddess easily evaded all of their attacks and went back to the physical plane to use the power of the Cosmic Egg, but she then found that Adam Warlock had already taken control of the egg. Thanos then used the soul gem to trap Goddess's soul in the Soul World. Thanos destroys the Cosmic Egg to the molecular level.

    In Soul World, the Goddess encountered the Magus who had resided there since the end of the Infinity War. As they are both the soul of just a fragment of a total person (Adam Warlock), they are unable to interact with the other denizens of soul world, though they can interact with one another, yet they still can't touch. Magus tests this by antagonizing Goddess until she takes a swing at him and her arm passes right through. Disappointed, Magus walks away and it is unclear if the two ever interract again.

    Powers and Abilities

    Artificially-created, the Goddess is made up of cells capable of retaining and utilising cosmic energy. She is telepathic, is capable of mind control and cosmically aware with the ability to reach supersonic speed when flying. Superhumanly strong and durable, she is consider equal to her "brothers", Warlock and Magus. The Goddess is also extraordinarily intelligent and very tactician-minded in her schemes.

    Mosty shaped as cubes, The Goddess had in her possession 30 Cosmic Containment Units from many realities which were capable of changing those realities. She combined all these units, creating the Cosmic Egg which brought the reality bending powers to an extraordinary galactic level in terms of reality manipulation. Despite its incredible, it could not affect souls and had within it safeguards which prevented its use in being a destructive force.

    Physical Characteristics

    Gender: Female

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 200 lbs (91kg)

    Eyes: White

    Hair: Blonde


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