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    Goblyn was an unborn mutant whose life was saved when her twin sister Laura (Pathway) teleported her to the Dream World ruled by the Dream Queen. Rescued by Alpha Flight, she would come to be a valued member of Beta Flight, alongside her sibling.

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    Goblyn was created by Bill Mantlo and Terry Shoemaker in 1987 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 48.


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    When the Dean family had been shown by their OB provider that one of their unborn twins would be a deformed mutant the Dean's hearts sank. With the twins father vehemently pro-mutant registration and a member of anti-mutant campaigns he soon convinced his with of the unthinkable. The Dean's both treated the embryo like a cancer and tried to destroy it using concentrated X-rays in hopes to eliminate their obvious physically mutated child, while allowing the other child "normal" to exist . When only a single child, Laura, was born, they thought they indeed had succeeded. However they were unaware that Laura was also a mutant and had somehow transported her sister into an alternate dimension, where she grew up safe, but as a wild animal.

     Tracked down and hunted
    Tracked down and hunted

    The coming years brought the Dean's more sadness as Laura grew up autistic and withdrawn from the world. With failing to get any significant results to her condition with local and other resources and in an attempt to cure her autism, her parents sent her to the New Life Clinic. Unknown to her parents the Clinic was actually being run by the madman Lionel Jeffries, the villian known as Scramble. Trapped in his Clinic of horrors, Laura manages to escape but is later caught by Department H's former project Bedlam, a powerful mentalist created by the science labs. Laura is than forced to become the newest member of his team of insane yet powerful victims named the Derangers. Bedlam used Laura and Goblyn against the Canadian super-team known as Alpha Flight, and after a massacre at the clinic was the only one of his team of mind controlled super-humans to survive the final battle with him. She was soon taken into custody by the Canadian Government and placed under Alpha Flights charge, assigning her for training with Beta Flight. However the team did not get a true idea to what her powers were, believing what they were seeing, leaving them under the mistaken belief that Laura was Goblyn and that she could change form.

    After a very long time the Dean twins would come to discover one another when Alpha Flight came to the other dimension of Liveworld. This realm of rippling magic was ruled by the succubus entity called the Dreamqueen, she had discovered Laura and used the child's own condition to threaten her and keep her in her thrall. the sisters escaped the Dreamqueen and were than rescued by Alpha Flight. Amazingly this trauma and the discovery of her twin sister had Laura come completely out of her autism, allowing a renewed bond between the two sisters. After they returned to Earth soon after Alpha Flight disbanded, leaving Laura and Goblyn in the hands of their teenage friend and former member of the team the Purple Girl, now living with her and her mom.

    Major Story Arcs

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    When Department H reinstated their superhuman program Gobln and Laura re-joined Beta Flight when soon after Talisman dispatched them on a search for Northstar. In fact thanks to Laura`s ability to open portals to other dimensions they were able to locate and come to Northstar's aid. Goblyn and her sister grew up even further as members of the ranks of Beta-Flight learning much in the coming years about a society they never had a chance to be a part of as children. At one time both the Dean twins were severely injured when Wild Child had gone insane and went on a rampage, attacking both sister and almost killing them. Due to Laura's trauma in her past she sent Goblyn instinctively to Liveworld and had to return with their fellow members of Beta Flight to find and rescue her. Following at some point, both Dean twins left Department H and Beta-Flight behind, where Goblyn is at this point is unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

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    The physical attributes and distinctive features of Goblyn's physic is where her special mutant abilities truly lie. With her diminutive size yet muscular build Goblyn also has an enormous skull, sharp fangs for teeth, razor-sharp claws on her hands, and has hooves instead of feet. Goblyn also posesses very heightened and acute senses, from smell, to hearing, and night vision, she is an ideal huntress. Lithe in build she is inhumanly agile and fast, able to jump around and leap from great heights. Her hide is also quite durable and has proven tough to penetrate and damage. Lastly Goblyn has a healing factor in her genes, the limits of which have not been completely studied as of yet.


    Known Relatives: (Father), (Mother), Goblyn (twin sister)

    Place of Birth: Canada

    Base of Operations: Formerly Liveworld, formerly Canada, currently unknown

    Universe: Earth-619

    Citizenship: Canadian Citizen

    Occupation: Former Student, Former Adventurer

    Education: High school


    Gender: Female

    Weight: 122 lbs

    Height: 5'4"

    Hair: Blue-black

    Eyes: Red

    Unusual Traits: Full body blue-black fur, Hooves, Clawed long fingers, Overgrown cranium.


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