Goblin Queen

    Character » Goblin Queen appears in 45 issues.

    The Queen of the Goblins and Sela's nemesis. Once a young girl named Olivia seeked for revenge aginst the Goblins who killed her loved ones and became worse than those who she hated.

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    Current Events

    Despite her apparent death in the pages of Bad Girls, she was featured in a story in Grimm Universe. This explains her origin story though also involves some action as she uses her goblin army to invade a small town in Myst. By talking to a resilient woman she reflects upon her own life. Doing so leads her to kill the woman.



    The Goblin Queen was once a young girl living in the kingdom of Agentess. Having two older brothers, she was a tomboy. Mastering swordplay, her dream was to one day be in the palace guard, like her brothers. Out playing in the fields, the kingdom was attacked by goblins. Running back to the village, she saw her parents and brothers slaughtered before her eyes. She herself was taken captive. After several weeks, young Olivia managed to escape and sneak into the tent of the goblin squad leader. Holding him responsible for her family's death, she murdered him. Encouraged by the other goblins, she ate the squad leader's heart. A goblin heart is filled with pure evil and it transformed Olivia into the Goblin Queen.


    The Goblin Queen was created by writer Joe Brusha and artist Dafu Yu. She first appeared in Grimm Fairy Tales #54.

    Character Evolution

    The character has not shown much development over the course of her appearances.

    Major Story Arcs

    She first appears as Sela is journeying through Myst. The Queen possessed a necklace allowing Morrigan to return to Limbo which Sela had to hunt down to save Erik. In the process she unexpectedly bests the queen, making an enemy of her.

    Bad Girls

    Goblin Queen was featured as one of the many villainesses in the miniseries Bad Girls (the others being Baba Yaga, the Limbo Queen, Venus and the Queen of Spades). They joined together to gain control of a crown which could be used to control an unstoppable army of monsters. Against them stood a group of heroes including Samantha Darren, Sela, and Britney Waters. Their association was very tenuous as they double crossed each other on numerous occasions. In the end the Goblin Queen is stabbed in the back, presumably fatally, by Venus. She is later shown in a Grimm Universe one shot to be alive though.

    Realm War: Age of Darkness

    After Pan was killed by Robyn Hood, the Dark Queen granted Neverland to the Goblin Queen.

    Power and Abilities

    She controls an army of goblins and possesses strong magical abilities.


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