Goblin Force

    Character » Goblin Force appears in 39 issues.

    The polar opposite of the Phoenix Force, an evil entity that ruins everyone's life and reeks havoc to the universe.

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    At the start of the universe, the Watchers saw how evil spread in the form of the Goblin Force but were powerless to stop it. As the universe aged and Earth came to be home for several powerful beings, the Phoenix Force sought out the mutant Jean Grey while Galactus sought Earth to consume. Both cosmic beings however came between the path of the Goblin Force who first assaulted a host-less Phoenix Force and consumed it. Galactus was about to send both of his Heralds, Silver Surfer and Nova. When using it's newly augmented power the Goblin Force slew him and all beings who were empowered by Galactus lost their cosmic powers. The entity's new target was the universe itself, but the Fifth Host of the Celestials stood up to it, they were the only ones able to contain its power, but unable to destroy it.

    Goblin Queen

    It powers severely reduced, the Goblin Force took refuge in Madelyne Pryor's body. It's influence led her to become the Goblin Queen. However, the Beyonder sensed the Goblin Force powers and made himself part of its plan, and willingly bonded itself with Madelyne Pryor once more augmenting the power of the Goblin Force, that so long had been reduced. Once more a cosmic threat, it sought Havok's connection with the Nexus of All Realities in order to absorb it's tremendous power. However Scotty Summers was able to trick the entity and separating it from his mother, while Havok using all the power of the Nexus of All Realities to erase the Goblin Force from existence. It was then that Scotty Summers came to know that his mother was also bonded to the Beyonder and he communicated this to Havok who erased him too and took the Nexus of All Realities with him, preventing anyone from using it. Madelyne Pryor was restored to her previous self.


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