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The Go-Backs were created by Wendy Pini and Richard Pini, the creators of ElfQuest.



The Go-Back elves were a splinter group of Wolfriders who lost their wolf blood because of the trickery of one of their own, the healer Willowgreen. The tribe, looking for a new purpose, decided to return to the Palace of the High Ones (the space-faring temple that their descendants used to travel to the World of Two Moons). It is for this quest that they named themselves "the Go-Backs". They were however stopped by the Ice Trolls who lived in the frozen mountains of the north. The trolls believed that the elves would enslave them if they managed to acquire the power of the Palace. Centuries of war insued, and over time the Go-Backs developed a blunt warrior culture. When the Wolfriders discovered the Go-Backs the war with the trolls was still ungoing, but the two tribes joined forces, tipping the balance in favor of the elves. Eventually, the Palace was won.

Unlike other elf tribes, the Go-Backs have little to no interest in elfen magic and/or recognition. They believe those things make one weak, and their culture places a much higher emphasis on simple survival. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, the Go-Backs maintain a reverence for life and seek to enjoy every moment as if it were their last - none expecting to live to old age.

First Encounter

When the Wolfriders finally meet with their distant cousins the Go-Backs, the first important thing was that the Wolfriders healed from their attack from the Ice-Trolls. This was an attack that nearly killed Cutter and wiped out most of the Wolfriders.

While the Wolfriders healed, the Go-Backs informed the Wolfiders of their true purpose: to enter the Palace of the High Ones. All of the adult warriors, though poorly trained, were willing to gladly give their lives to the cause of entering the Palace of the high Ones. In fact, the very notion of the warrior's death-at-battle allowed their spirit-entrance into the Palace.

Sexual Promiscuity

When Cutter finally decides to wage war with the Ice-Trolls, who are preventing the Go-Backs from the Palace, a wild orgy commences in the Go-Back Den. Most Go-Backs sleep with each other. Kahvi advances on Cutter, but instead conceives a child with Rayek.

#vaya, Kahvi's first born child may have also conceived a child during this orgy, but she died in a battle with the Ice-Trolls, when Picknose, then a slave of the Ice-Trolls, decides to rebel and join forces with the combined elf-tribes.

Because this wantonness generally went against the accepted custom of recognition-based-lifebonds, the more traditional wolfriders, such as Moonshade and Strongbow, did not easily accept their way and kind.

Glorified Death

We have seen the glorified death of Vaya and a few others in the original battle against Guttlekraw. Then there is the death of Skot on the bridge of the palace gate. Go-Backs dance around their dead and all believe that their departed friends are waiting for them in the Palace of the The High-Ones.


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