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    He is a member of the Green Lantern Corps who is currently NOT missing in action.

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    • Status: Active
    • Space Sector: Unknown
    • Sector Partner: Service pre-dated Sector Partners
    • Homeworld: G'newt
    • Predecessor: G'newmann
    • Successor: Unknown


    G'nort Esplanade Gneeshmacher (more commonly referred to as G'nort) is a member of a canine race from the planet G'newt and an officer in the universal police force known as the Green Lantern Corps.

    Before becoming an official Green Lantern, G'nort was tricked into joining a faux Green Lantern Corps that had been created by a corrupt group of space clowns, the Poglachi. The goal of the Poglachi was to humiliate the actual Green Lantern Corps but it was defeated quickly. Having aided in the defeat and the exposing of the Poglachi, G'nort was inducted into the actual Green Lantern Corps at the behest of Green Lantern Guy Gardner.

    G'nort briefly served in the Justice League of America Antarctica branch.

    His current whereabouts are unknown.

    Major Story Arcs


    (the first appearance of G'nort)

    G'nort was patrolling his sector when he discovered an invisible planet. He became lost underground looking for a bathroom. He was there over 3 month until Superman and his team, Justice League International, showed up to destroy the Manhunter's homeworld of Orinda, the invisible planet G'nort found.

    G'nort offers to help but Hal Jordan explains that G'nort needs to guard the bathroom and the team flies off for battle. Later when the planet falls apart Superman wanted to rescue G'nort, but J'ohn's scan show that G'nort has already escaped.

    Justice League International

    After Orinda exploded G'nort was sent flying across the galaxy in what appears to be a port-a-potty, he crashes on a unnamed planet where a strange alien approaches him. G'nort can't understand what the alien is saying until some time later, his ring translates for him. He learns that Lord Manga and the Cluster have taken all the aliens stuff and they are moving towards Earth. G'nort then decides to fly in that direction and help.

    When he arrives at Earth the Cluster has already begun mining the planet, but with a lucky shot g'nort is able to cause the Cluster main ship enough damage they retreat. But when they retreat they take Mr. Miracle with them. G'nort is then recruited by Manhunter, Rocket Red and Big Barda to help get him back.

    They group fallows the Cluster across the Galaxy and after having a run in with Lobo track the Cluster to Apokolips but once planet side Manhunter and G'nort get knocked out by the Parademons. The two are unconscious when the rest of the Justice League comes to the rescue.

    G'Nort by G'Nortwest

    The Scarlet Skier comes to earth looking for revenge on G'Nort, for locking him up years ago. After almost being beaten by the herald of Mr. Nebula, G'Nort asks the Justice League for help. Mr Miracle and Fire try to help but quickly learn they are in over their heads in stupidity. G'Nort ends up saving the Scarlet Skier's life and the two become friends.

    A Guy and His G'Nort

    Just after Guy Gardner is made the sole Green Lantern of Sector 2814, G'Nort shows up saying the Guardians told him to patrol that sector too. After checking with the Guardians of the Universe Guy learns that G'Nort was given his ring by the Poglachians and was part of the Poglachian Green Lanterns Corps. Guy goes to speak to them, with G'Nort in tow. This is when Guy learns that G'Nort getting a power ring was a ruse by the Qwardians to lower the standards of the Green Lantern Corps to the rest of the Universe. G'Nort saves Guy's life but at the expense of losing his own power ring.

    Prize Fight

    G'Nort is among the Green Lanterns who arrive on Earth to witness the fight between Hal Jordon and Guy Gardner, over who would be the Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

    Guy Gardner Reborn

    After Guy Gardner lost his Green Lantern Power Ring, he tries several other options at being a superhero again. All these fail and he finds himself wandering the desert, that is where G'Nort finds him. G'Nort has been waiting for the Guardians to reassign him to a new sector, and Guy convinces him that he can help. Guy convinces G'Nort to let him talk to Guardians before they assign G'Nort to a bad sector (like one of all cats or one with out smells). G'Nort offers to zap Guy to Oa but Guy refuses claiming "what if Oa has moved". G'Nort understands the logic behind this and makes Guy a spaceship construct (it looks like a fire hydrant) and sends Guy on his way. Guy is long gone before G'Nort thinks of tagging along. Needless to say Guy never went to Oa and G'Nort still doesn't have a sector.

    Green Lantern Corps Quarterly

    G'Nort heads back to Earth after being in space for some time alone, but when he returns to the Justice League Embassy he finds all his stuff in a dumpster outside, (this includes his dinner bowl, his extra strength flea collar from Ice and his obedience school certificate). While in the dumpster he hears someone talking about getting rid of the dog and assumes they mean him. (He never learns that what he heard was a TV and had nothing to do with him). G'Nort then meets a homeless girl who he names Sax girl, because she has a sax and she is a girl. He then decides she shall be his sidekick, and right on cue the two are jumped by the Trio of Greatness, three guys in yellow power suits who want to join the JL. The Trio feel their best bet of getting in is to beat-up G'Nort, but Sax Girl saves G'Nort from the Trio and the decide to set out on an adventure together.

    Eclipso- The Darkness Within

    For more information see: Eclipso: The Darkness Within

    G'Nort is part of the team Kilowog puts together to go to Earth to stop the Star Sapphire from hurting more people. When the Green Lanterns get there they are surprised to see Star Sapphire possessed by Eclipso, and whats worse Hal Jordon is also possessed and the two ex lovers are trying to kill each other. G'Nort is part of the team that tries to stop Star Sapphire, but they can not control her and Star and Hal are able to unite their energies making it appear to blow them both up. G'Nort and the others fan out to try to find Star or Hal but to no avail.

    Booster Gold: Blue and Gold

    In an alternate timeline, in which Booster Gold saved Ted Kord from being murdered by Max Lord, G'Nort has a bust in the Justice League Europe Museum, meaning in this time line he had died.

    Formerly Known as the Justice League

    When Lord Manga comes back to Earth to retrieve L-Ron, he sends his servant J-lo to meet with the Superbuddies and trade G'Nort for L-Ron. The whole time G'Nort is referred to as "the Merchandise", a fact that doesn't seem to bother G'Nort. Later when Lord Manga is taken hostage part of his ransom is the return of G'Nort. Later G'Nort is seen being sent to Antarctica to open a new international branch of the Superbuddies.

    Rise of the Third Army

    When Kyle Rayner has a flashback to the time he threw Ganthet a surprise One Billionth birthday party, G'Nort can be seen in attendance.

    Wraith of the First Lantern

    When the Lanterns are fighting the First Lantern, G'Nort shows up to help out.

    Other Media

    G'Nort appears in Batman the Brave and the Bold episode "The Eyes of Despero", where he helps Batman, Guy Gardner and Sinestro defeat Despero.


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