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Not much is known in detail about her but G’nolga was raised in Dwemeor village in a place called Jade. As a child, her village was attacked by Orkrist and she and her sister were the sole survivors. The two escaped the Orc’s and found refuge in a Trolvic village and were raised there. G’nolga decided at that point that she would work to get back most of what she and her sister lost in the destruction of her village. She trained hard to become a master in various forms of fighting and weapon use until she gained the title of Weapons-Master.

First recorded encounter of G’nolga and Julia Diggers

The truly great warriors on Jade can become representatives for groups, villages, towns, or nations who fight each other one on one instead of having a group go to war over water rights for example. G’nolga became such a representative and lost one of her earliest battles to Julia Diggers (Then Julia Brigand). She didn’t take it well,… Mostly because Julia had Jeered at G’nolga in the aftermath. (Out of relief on barely beating Gnolga.) This encounter started the grudge between G’nolga and Julia that has spanned over 20 plus years.


G’nolga is the master of blunt two-handed weapons and is considered in the top ten warriors on Jade holding the title of a weapons master . In addition, since she is a dwarf (Dwemeor) she is physically denser and stronger than an average human being would be and is magic resistant.

Her primary weapon to date is a 9-foot staff that can be separated into three sections connected by dwarven-steel chain. The staff is also capped with dwarven steel and made from a hardwood that is proof against edged weapons.

With the real-time exception of Julia Diggers, G’nolga is yet to be beaten by anyone opponent and has been shown to easily beat multiples of lesser skilled fighters, especially giants and other large creatures.

Personal / Present History

1. Friends – With the exception of Cruk, a Wart Ogre, G’nolga doesn’t appear to have friends, just acquaintances and employers. She seems too driven to make time to know many people well.

She recently came to terms with Julia Diggers due in part to the events involving gaining closure on her village being wiped out when she was a child. They are now adversaries and grudging co-adventurers that will join forces to save Jade.

And while still a wanted criminal on Jade, G'nolga appears to have settled down to a more mundane life out of the lime light.

2. Family - G’nolga has one sister, Merigold, Whom she had carried on her back to the safety of the Trolvic settlement where there were adopted and raised. As such Merigold owed G’nolga a blood debt that was recently paid, costing Merigold her life as a Psi counselor and a Ward-Keeper when she aided in the escape of her sister G’nolga from the prison dimension of the retreat.

3. Romance – It is unknown if G’nolga has an interest or has found anyone she would be interested in that way with. She is an attractive female dwarf when not trying to kill someone, but it has not been shown that anyone currently has an interest.

G’nolga is a person scarred by life and driven by the need to make it in the world of Jade. As a WeaponMaster she became famous but lost that in part by doing criminal behavior like Mage-napping and attempted cold-blooded murder.

As of this writing, she had returned to the Trolvic village where she was raised. She initially returned there to spend three years nursing her sister back to health from the ravages of interdimensional travel and with Merigolds recovery has shown up in defense of Jade here and there, teaming up with past foes in defense of their home.


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