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    Gnasher is the pet dog of Dennis the Menace.

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    Now an integral part of the Dennis the Menace strip, Gnasher first appeared in The Beano comic in August 1968. He made such an impact on the strip that it was soon renamed Dennis the Menace & Gnasher in 1970. Today the strip is known as Dennis and Gnasher.


    Gnasher looks very much like Dennis with his black spikey hair continuing the running joke by D.C. Thomson & Co that pets look like their owners.

    A rare breed of dog, an Abyssinian Wire Haired Tripe Hound, Gnasher was a homeless stray in the streets when Dennis picked him up. They became fast friends and inseparable and from then on partners in menacing. Gnasher's number one enemy is Foo-Foo, Softy Walters pampered pet poodle.

    In 1986 Gnasher disappeared from the comic for 2 whole months. His disappearance was a major plot point and when returned he brought back with him a whole litter of pups.

    In 1977, nine years after his first appearance, Gnasher got his own strip titled Gnasher's Tale. Dennis was largely absent from the strip as Gnasher retold stories of when he was a puppy. Gnasher's Tale was replaced by Gnasher and Gnipper when Gnasher was joined by his son, Gnipper.


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