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    Gnarrk was a gentle cave man who formed a special bond with Lilith, but died a tragic death.

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    When life started

    Gnarrks life started thousands of years ago. He was a 19 year old cave man, who enjoyed watching the night sky and the lights in it. One night, a comet crashed before him, imbedding a chunk of crystal into his chest. Somehow this caused a transformation in him, expanding his mind and his understanding of what went on around him. Soon a volcano erupted and the shard protected him by encasing him in a chunk of ice. Centuries passed, and Gnarrk remained in his icy tomb.

    During this time, his mind still worked and he dreamed of a better world. He could cure diseases and wanted to use his abilities to help people.

    While still encased in the ice, he sent psychic flashes out to someone and Lilith found and followed them. Through the bond they held, Lilith, even though being involved with Dove, still found an attraction to the gentle soul of Gnarrk, and helped him escape from his ice cell. Thus, he joined the Teen Titans.

    Shortened Life

    Gnarrk and Lilith share one final moment together 
    Gnarrk and Lilith share one final moment together 

    It was discovered that Gnarrk was dying, and scientists from STAR Labs wanted to dissect him, but the Titans wouldn't allow it. Lilith used her powers to establish a mental rapport with Gnarrk. During that time, she found out his true origins and his noble intentions. The two formed a unbreakable bond, but their love was short lived.

    Gnarrk was put on life support for over a year, but finally he succumbed to his ailment and died. When the scientists did an autopsy, they found that the shard in his chest had faded away when he died, and its powers went with him.


    Powers and abilities

    Being a Cro-Magnon, Gnarrk possesses greater strength, dexterity and endurance. When a comet imbedded a chunk of crystal into his chest, it caused a transformation in Gnarrk - it expanded his mind, and his understanding. The full range of his expanded mental abilities were uncatalogued.

    Other Media

    Gnarrk appeared in the fifth season episode with his best friend, Kole, in a vast series of underground caverns that are inhabited by prehistoric creatures.

    In this episode all Gnarrk could say was, "gnarrk", yet Kole could understand him and communicate with him quite well.

    He helped the Titans stop Dr. Light when he attempted to kidnap Kole.

    Gnarrk and Kole were overpowered by Gizmo and Billy Numerous in "Calling All Titans", but some quick thinking by Kole ended up saving the day. They were part of a group of reinforcements that come to rescue Beast Boy's titans team.

    Gnarrk also appeared on the episode "Titans Together." 
    Gnarrk is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


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