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Born in the 5th century Germany, Glyph was a poor Goth peasant girl whom Theo picked up to take part in the Triarch's experiment to imbue her with the power of the vampire lord Despair (who is trapped within the sword Despair). The experiment turned her, Ravyn and Theo into a vampire.


Glyph is created by Mark Seifert and William Christensen.

Powers & Abilities

Glyph retains the strength and durability that most vampires possess. Additionally, Glyph is a shape changer. She can assume the forms of a wolf, a bat, other animals, and mist for battle/tactical purposes. She can also impersonate other humans for brief periods of time.

Other Media

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Rendition Figures released Glyph action figures, with several color variants, in 1998.

Known variants are:

  • red costume (portrayed)
  • blue costume
  • gold costume
  • white costume
  • purple costume (with blood coming from mouth)


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