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    The Eldritch Abomination known as Glory is actually the physical embodiment of an entire pantheon of dark Gods and contains within it over ten thousand entities and the worlds they were worshiped on.

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    An extremely powerful alien god. Glory is one of the few deities who willingly joined the Chaos King in his quest to destroy creation. He fought and was destroyed by Thor. Their battle started in space in an all out battle between those fighting for the Chaos King and total oblivion and those against. With laughter so powerful it defied reality, Glory squared off against the thunder god Thor. Seemingly over powered, Thor took desperate measures and flew directly into Glory in a powerful and fast offensive move. Within Glory he fought against that of which he could barely comprehend. Glory continued to weaken Thor before unleashing a wave of cosmic fire against him. Thor responded with a powerful and risky counter attack that appeared to cripple Glory. It cost Thor dearly as such an attack left him weakened, confused and back to his Donald Blake persona on Earth. Pieces of Glory manifested itself in various foul bug like creatures, and they spoke of regenerating eventually as they sought out Thor on Earth. However as soon as Thor was repowered to full strength he eliminated the shadow weaker version of Glory with assistance from Becca Steinhardt.    


    Glory is a Marvel comics character created by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, J.M. DeMatteis and Brian Ching. Glory first appears in Chaos War #3, but the bulk of his story and origin takes place in the Thor Chaos War mini series. Glory as described by co creator J.M. DeMatteis "The thing that makes Glory so interesting-to me, at least-is the fact that he's not one single god: he's the embodiment of an entire pantheon, Imagine if all the gods of Asgard were one being, contained within the body of Odin, and you'll get some sense of just how powerful Glory is. Add to that the fact that he's the god of a race that lives a brutal existence of unending war and suffering. Glory is a reflection of the violence and struggle and madness of the people that worship him or her or it, depending on your perspective. In other words, he's not just powerful: he's mean, depraved. Cosmically mean and depraved. His view of life, the universe and everything is incredibly dark, brutal; tearing down Creation alongside Chaos is a no-brainer for Glory." 

    Powers and Abilities

    Glory was immensely powerful and supposedly the most powerful of all of the Chaos King's subjects save for the Chaos King himself, even choosing to engage in the Chaos War willingly of its own accord. Large enough to hold small planetoids in its grasps, Glory is said to be not just a single god, but an entire pantheon of angry, violent, twisted gods in one. Ten thousand gods in fact, existing as and within Glory. Glory's laugh itself was offensive, casting a wave of psychic toxins. Glory's inner body has its own defense mechanisms to attack foreign attackers. Glory had undefined psychic powers. Glory had massive energy projection powers and immense unknown strength.

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