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    Half-Amazon, half-Demon warrior princess. She came into being because of an alliance against humans.

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    Gloriana Demeter
    Gloriana Demeter

    Daughter of Lady Demeter, an Amazonian goddess, and Lord Silverfall, Lord of the Underworld, Gloriana lives within the world of men in an attempt to find her own humanity, and overcome the darkness passed down to her by her father. Glory was trained as a Amazonian Warrior but, she was not able to control her demon blood.


    Glory is currently an Image comics published character and was originally created by writer and artist Rob Liefeld. Glory first appeared in volume one of Youngblood Strikefile #1 released in 1993, which was published under Liefeld's Extreme Studios, which would go on to become a partner studio of Image comics. In this stage Glory would appear in a variety of Image titles, such as Brigade, Prophet, New Men, Team Youngblood and Supreme, before featuring and starring in her first self titled series published under Extreme Studios under Image Glory.

    The first issue Glory #1 - 'Who wrote the book of Love? Chapter 1' would be released in 1995, written by Mary Jo Duffy with art by Mike Deodato Jr. Glory would continue to appear in other series as well as her own titled series for a few years, even crossing over with other iconic image characters such as Avengelyne in Glory/Avengelyne. Her series would reach issue 15 before a change in publisher. From there Glory's publishing path would shift and move a fair bit as a result of Liefeld departing from Image, he would take Glory with him and she would appear under Maximum Press, where her first series would end then Avatar Press for a brief series penned by Alan Moore, before returning back to Image.

    In 2012, under Image, some 14 years after her series original run ended, Glory would be revitalized stemming off an idea to relaunch several Image characters series from their original series endpoints, and a new Glory series relaunching beginning at issue 23 (Glory #23 - Once and Future, Part One: 'The Way It Was') with a new tone and direction.

    Character Evolution

    Rob Liefeld's Glory

    Rob Liefeld's Glory
    Rob Liefeld's Glory

    She is nearly ageless and has lived a full life that spans hundreds of years. She fought alongside many of the greatest superheroes of the past and future (and has been romantically involved with several, including Supreme).

    Glory takes on a human identity by a waitress named Gloria West, in order to experience humanity. At one point in her life, she even led a band of female teenagers named the Danger Damsels.

    Joe Keatinge's and Ross Campbell`s Glory

    The modern Glory.
    The modern Glory.

    Glory's history is rebooted, Glory is from a world of Amazons and Demons who are aliens. Glory was also redesigned to be more muscular and covered in battle scars.

    Major Story Arcs

    Angela and Glory

    Glory encounters the powerful angelic warrior Angela, and the two engage in a brief physical confrontation after the actions of the rogue angel Celestine. After Celestine's death at the hands of Violator she is revived by her two thralls Crystal and Astra. Celestine would go on to bring war and apocalypse to heaven her and her two angelic companions slighting many other angels, and inciting a rebellion turning several other angels to her cause.

    She would then travel to the Isle of Paradise the home of the Amazonian's and the Daughters of Paradise, a group of warriors who were under a magical enchantment that appeared unbreakable until Celestine arrived. Lying and manipulating these group of Amazonian warriors Celestine would add them to her ranks. The leader of the Amazonian's Demeter would contact her daughter and warn her and let her know of this new dangerous situation. At the same time Metatron, the ruler of all the angels. Metatron pleads with Angela that only a warrior and hunter such as Angela can apprehend and stop Celestine.

    This brings the powerful half angel half demon Glory into a hostile encounter with Angela after the latter attempts to force answers. Glory manages to counter attack and in the course of these actions both woman explain their motives. Realizing they have similar desire to stop Celestine they decide to team up.

    Rage of Angels

    Angela and Glory disagree on the method to stop the rogue angel Celestine. Although if they kill her directly the manipulated Amazonian warriors should regain their sense, unfortunately Angela claims that they are up against a couple hundred thousand amazonian warriors and rogue angels.

    Angela is willing to kill to stop Celestine, however Glory sternly rejects this and insists that no Amazonian blood shall be spilled and Angela will face retribution if she happens to kill any of Glory's sisters. Before the tension brings them to conflict again, they become aware that Celestine plans to behead Demeter and Glory reluctantly follows Angela's lead to attack the enthralled collection of divine warriors. They are heavily outnumbered but fight valiantly, Angela making quips and Glory holding a more serious disposition.

    Demeter appeals to her daughter to use her true powers and with that Glory raises her sword to the sky and darkness, lightning wind and storm bring the fighting to a standstill. The Amazonian's are released from their manipulation, and recognize Glory as the true heir to the Amazonian peoples. Celestine retreats recognizing her cause is lost, making sure to curse Glory for her actions.

    Powers and Abilities

    Divine Powers

    As the daughter of two divine beings, Glory is blessed with the powers of flight, super strength and increased durability. She can also "slip" through dimensions through any place where water meets the air. Being raised by the fierce Amazonian, she has mastered many forms of martial arts. She has access to many magical items.

    Her sword is capable of dispelling enchantments with a touch. She was also gifted with a sentient bracelet by her mother named Shape. She has also used a golden long-spear and a battle axe. Glory often magically transforms her clothes from current fashions to her battle gear using a minor glamour.


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