Glory Shredder

    Character » Glory Shredder appears in 4 issues.

    A 1940's era vigilante, eugenic, tech operant hero. He's also an ally and pest for Impulse.

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    Sergeant Marvin Tole had been a U.S. soldier to the Army in the duration of World War 2 and fought in Europe in a battle with the Nazis that lead to his squadrons capture with himself badly wounded in combat. Subjected to super-soldier eugenic tests over execution, Marvin Tole was exposed by the Ray of Conquest that healed his injuries and gave him super-strength. Sought to being brainwashed as the Nazi super-soldier Sergeant Blitzkrieg, Marvin broke of his indoctrination either by willpower or radon effects to become the U.S. hero Sergeant Glory upon which he fought Germans and the Japanese during the war until he later settled to fighting criminals and Communist conspirators in the U.S.A.

    In a single battle, Sergeant Glory even allied with a younger Max Mercury until Marvin became the vigilante murderer Glory Shredder who killed enemy combatants with little disregard in the years to come. Whether the radiation, trauma or mental illness lead Sergeant Glory to become a vigilante murderer remains uncertain.

    Bart Allen later would come to battle Glory Shredder in his attempts to kill Evil Eye, a foe of Impulse as well a third generation enemy of Glory Shredder that predated the Transparent Weapon and Professor Morlo from prison. An intervention between Impulse and Max Mercury lead Glory Shredder to run from the fight than confront it later on.

    In another separate incidence, Bart Allen requests on national television for the assistance of the towns super-villain community to assist him in preventing a town from being flooded. Of the viewers watching Bart Allen's request included the Glory Shredder. As since, Glory Shredder has not been a known combatant of any hero or foe since.


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