Glorianna O'Breen

    Character » Glorianna O'Breen appears in 42 issues.

    Daredevil's girlfriend for a while. She's a photographer for the Daily Bugle.

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    Glorianna O'Breen was Matt Murdock's girlfriend for a while. She is Irish. She disguised as The Old Woman of Beare, and made travel arrangements for the Irish Republican Army's agents in America. Later she became Foggy Nelson's girlfriend. She was killed by Victor Krueller, a henchman of the Kingpin.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fear is a handful of Dust; Daredevil #222:

    Glorianna is heading from Dublin to Kennedy airport, via flight 2241, when a man pulls plastic gun an orders the plane to land in Tinkerville New Jersey. Glorianna tries to disarm the man but his gun goes off hitting a box that starts to fill the plane with fear gas. the pilots succumbs to the gas and crashes the plane in the Jersey Swamp.

    She is then kidnapped by Junius, the man with the gun from the plane, along with Dr. Ephesus Sadd, the man who was carrying the box with fear gas and Junius's original target. Junius leads the two back to his "brothers" and Glorianna learns she was kept alive to marry Brother Drawley.

    Later during the wedding Dr. Sadd gets free and releases the fear gas. Glorianna tries to hold her breath while everyone else succumbs to the gas but she can't hold it long enough. She is seeing things when Daredevil and Black Widow show up and believes them to be demons. Luckly Black Widow can give her a nerve pinch before she is able to hurt Daredevil or herself.

    Secret Wars 2

    For more information on see Secret Wars II

    Glorianna's dead father's, camera is stolen by a small time crook named Skeeter Frizzel, and Daredevil tries to get it back but the Beyonder steps in and give Matt his sight back, which causes Frizzel to get away. With his vision returned the first person Matt visits is Glorianna and is amazed by her photographs. Glorianna then takes Matt on a whirlwind tour of New York. It isn't till the Empire State building that Matt realizes his returned vision maybe a curse.

    He leaves Glorianna to demand the Beyonder to put him back like he was. After the Beyonder complies Matt gets Glorianna's camera back from Frizzel, but it is still unclear of Glorianna reaction to Matt being blind again.


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