Gloria Carter

    Character » Gloria Carter appears in 19 issues.

    Daughter of Dr. Carter, sister to Bob Carter, and paramour to Dan Hastings.

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    A friend of Dan Hastings, Dr. Carter, is a brilliant scientist. His children, Bob Carter and Gloria Carter, were teenagers in their first appearance in Star Comics. Dr. Carter managed to respond to a message sent from the planet Mexady by Galada Eutopas through the device created by Kurp Ursulis.

    As the story progressed, the planet Mexady traveled toward Earth with Eutopas intent on invading and take the Earth females for brides for his warriors, intending to kill all the Earth males. When the planet arrived, the Earth forces were destroyed and the population enslaved. Eutopas intended to take Gloria as his personal bride. With this intention, he sends Hanz Raskow to capture her.

    Gloria grew into an attractive woman with whom Hastings fell in love. Bob became a strong fighter against the Mexadian soldiers.


    The first time Dan Hastings meets Gloria Carter in a story, she is very young-perhaps 14-16. By the time the pair become involved romantically, Mexady had moved closer to Earth and she is in her early 20s. There is one mention of her in a prose story from Star #4 where she is 17, but though she expresses an attraction to Hastings, he clearly does not reciprocate the sentiment, much to Gloria's chagrin.


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