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Lex & MaxA short story, almost written like a poem, detailing the relationship between Lex and Max who both go out to clubs every night, looking for love, and getting asked out, just not by who they wish. And then returning home, to the other, sharing their bed with the other, wishing the other would not love them from afar, and continuing this, in an endless cycle.

Sebastian's Monster

A young man/boy is hanging out with his girlfriend when she finally tells him they should go over to his house but he refuses the offer, until she finally presses him so that he must reveal the reason why he never lets her see his room. He tells her it is because a monster resides in his bedroom and every time he has brought a girlfriend to his room, they have disappeared, which leads to the assumption the monster is eating them. But when she forces him to bring her to his room and she goes inside alone, she stands unafraid before the monster and it says, "'s you." then disappears into the shadows. Then she opens the door and denies any monster was within the room, allowing Sebastian to come inside and when he passes she grins maliciously.

Night Clubs Suck

Whether or not the tale is showing the characters for who they truly are, or just giving a different spin to the story by portraying the characters as royalty, the bottom line is this story is a tale of Princess Alexandria (Lex) going to a night club with her friend Lyndi to win the affection of "Prince" Max. But, being the most beautiful girl in the club causes some unwanted attention from "Queen" Isabella who ensures Max leaves Lex alone at the club, breaking her heart. Her servant, "Sir" Damion however takes pity on Lex, it seems, as he is falling for her, but when she learns it was he who set her up she doesn't care, ignores his excuses and leaves, in a foul mood.

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