Character » Glomulus appears in 80 issues.

    Orange Lantern of Space Sector 2826.

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    Orange Lantern

    Status: Unliving Avatar

    Space Sector: 2826

    Sector Partner: Inapplicable

    Homeworld: originally Poppo; now Okaara


    Originating in Sector 2826, Glomulus was already a gluttonous being before he found his way into the hands of a tavern owner on Okaara. Used as a means to clean the place, Glomulus was only let out of his cage to eat the scraps of food which fell on the tavern floor. On a particular day, as Glomulus was going about his duty, he came across an Okaaran warrior in a foul mood who threatened to eat the pudgy beast. Glomulus, tired of his mistreatment, turned the tables on his would-be attacker by eating him instead, and then everyone else inside.

    Now free of his captivity, Glomulus found himself in the Forest of Weeds and made his way to the temple which housed the Orange Light of Avarice. Smelling a meal left by Agent Orange, Glomulus entered the forbidden palace and was consumed by Blume; at which point, his essence was absorbed and Glomulus made into an Orange Lantern. Years later, Glomulus would be the orange avatar responsible for consuming the Green Lantern Gretti and adding him to the ranks of the Orange Lantern Corps.

    In Green Lantern #45 Glomulus becomes a member of the Black Lantern Corps, along with the rest of Larfleeze's slaves.


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